Father of Dan Grinnup

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Father of Dan Grinnup
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Father of Dan Grinnup
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"When Father was a boy," Lucius Priest says in The Reivers, "he used to fox hunt with old Dan's father out at Frenchman's Bend" (8). Dan is Dan Grinnup, but his father's last name could have been Grenier. He was descended from Louis Grenier, the man from whom Frenchman's Bend gets its name. Because Dan and a "cousin or something" are the last living descendants of Grenier at the time of the story (8), we know his father is dead. But there's no way to know how far the family had fallen from the Louis' aristocratic rank, or how far along the path of linguistic corruption the name had gotten on its slide from Grenier to Grinnup. Fox hunting with member of the Priest family implies a high social status - if this man was there as a fellow rider.

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