Colonel John Sartoris' Daughter 2

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Colonel John Sartoris' Daughter 2
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Sartoris, Daughter of Colonel John2
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Faulkner's first Yoknapatawpha fiction, Flags in the Dust, explicitly mentions the two daughters of Colonel John Sartoris. This is the younger one, who is two years younger than Bayard; with her older sister she was sent to Memphis during the Civil War, but is back at the Sartoris plantation at Christmas time, 1869, to hear Aunt Jenny tell the story of "Carolina" Bayard's death. Other than that, like her sister she remains very elusive as a character. (Faulkner presumably includes this daughter in the later short story "There Was a Queen" when Elnora mentions the Sartoris children, but that is an assumption. Neither sister is mentioned in the still later novel The Unvanquished, although that is set during the Civil War and includes the idea of seeking refuge in Memphis.)