Buck Conner|Connors

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Buck Conner|Connors
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Conner|Connors, Buck
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A Jefferson town marshal who appears in several of the fictions, though as "Buck" in Flags in the Dust, as "Buck Conner" in "Centaur in Brass" and Light in August, and as "Buck Conners" in The Town. In the first novel he follows Miss Jenny's orders to get care of Young Bayard, giving up his own bed in the jail building to allow Sartoris to sleep off the effects of his fall and his drinking. Flem Snopes pays him a compliment of sorts in "Centaur": "Buck Conner'll know that even a fool has got more sense than to steal something and hide it in his corn-crib" (159). In Light in August he assists Sheriff Kennedy at the scene of Joanna's murder. The Town also mentions his son "Buck Conners II," another town marshal.