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CharKey Text Namesort descending Occupation Rank
Sophia Wyatt Flags in the Dust Wyatt, Sophia Minor view
Wylie 1 The Reivers Wylie 1 Sales and Service Peripheral view
Wylie 2 The Reivers Wylie 2 Farming Minor view
Job Wylie "Uncle Willy" Wylie, Job Domestic Service Secondary view
Wyotts The Town Wyott Family Farming Minor view
Doctor Wyott The Town Wyott, Doctor Professional Minor view
Wyott, Grandfather of Doctor Wyott The Town Wyott, Grandfather of Doctor Wyott Professional Minor view
Miss Vaiden Wyott The Town Wyott, Miss Vaiden Professional Minor view
Yance "Vendee" Yance Minor view
Major Yoknapatawpha Families The Town Yoknapatawpha's First Families Minor view
Yokohama "Delta Autumn" Yokohama Peripheral view


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