Tennie Beauchamp

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Tennie Beauchamp
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Beauchamp, Tennie
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Tennie was born a slave and worked on the Beauchamp plantation. In Go Down, Moses she is won in a card game by Buddy McCaslin for the sake of a McCaslin slave (and half-brother) named Tomey's Turl, and brings the surname "Beauchamp" with her when she comes to the McCaslin plantation and marries Tomey’s Turl. Together they have six children, three of whom - James ("Tennie's Jim"), Sophonsiba ("Fonsiba"), and Lucas - survive into adulthood. Also at the McCaslin place, she nurses the infant Ike McCaslin. She also appears in Faulkner's last novel, The Reivers, as the mother of "Tennie's Jim" (223, 21), and his grandson, Bobo, whom she also raised.