MacCallum|McCallum Place in Flags in the Dust (Location)

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MacCallum Place
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Faulkner map
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This spot is one of those Yoknapatawpha locations that changes dramatically, depending on the needs of Faulkner's imagination at different points in his career. It is home to two families, with three different names: the MacCallums (in this novel and As I Lay Dying), who are named McCallum in later texts; and the McCaslins (in Go Down, Moses and elsewhere). In this novel readers are told that the house Bayard stops in was built in 1866 by Virginius MacCallum; the McCaslins live in a grander house built by Lucius Quintus Carothers McCaslin some two decades before that. When this spot is home to the McCaslins, it's a plantation, worked by slaves before the Civil War and by black tenant farmers for at least several generations afterwards, and the site of the vexed racial legacy of slavery. When, as here, the MacCallums live on the location, there is no hint of such a problem. The MacCallums have some black servants, but are identified as yeoman farmers rather than planters, and associated with hunting and making moonshine. There are some old fields near the MacCallum place, but they are going back to woodland. Otherwise the house, made of "chinked logs" and "hand-trimmed" floor boards (332), lies deep in the woods among ragged hills and ravines.  This location includes the "lean-to room" attached to the house where Buddy sleeps and Bayard stays during his visit (340).  The kitchen is in "a separate building," which has its own entry (336), and does the "spring house" which is one of the outbuildings on the property (338).

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