Snopes' Farm in "Spotted Horses" (Location)

The narrator refers to "a regular nest" of Snopeses who live and work as tenant farmers - that is, sharecroppers - "about five miles down the bottom," which seems to mean five miles from Varner's store, closer to the river (165). The word "nest" tells us something about how this narrator feels about Snopeses - he means a nest of snakes, not birds - but very little about the actual place these Snopeses live, though presumably it is a farm or group of farms.

Varner's Store in "Spotted Horses" (Location)

Although the narrator never goes inside, much of the story's action takes place on the porch of Varner's store. It is a place where the men of Frenchman's Bend frequently gather.

Southeast Road|Jefferson to Frenchman's Bend in "Spotted Horses" (Location)

Described simply as on the road "pretty near half way to town" (165), this is the scene where readers meet their first "spotted horse," when it jumps over the narrator's team.

Freemans' Farm

Freeman lives in Frenchman's Bend at some distance further from town than Mrs. Littlejohn's boarding house. His farm comes briefly into view in the story Varner tells in The Hamlet about how Eck and Wall Snopes try to capture their horse on the "blind lane [at] Freeman's" that dead ends in a set of "eight-foot fences" (353). Why Freeman needs such high fences next to his barn is not explained.

Mrs. Littlejohn's Place

"Mrs. Littlejohn's huge, unpainted boarding house" in Frenchman's Bend already exists in Faulkner's imagination in Flags in the Dust, though it is only glimpsed as Byron Snopes drives past it in the dark (278), and both Mrs. Littlejohn and her "hotel" - as it's called in The Hamlet - play important roles in the first two novels in the Snopes trilogy. The Hamlet describes the building itself as "a sprawling rambling edifice partly of sawn boards and partly of logs, unpainted and of two storeys" behind a sign advertising "ROOMS AND BORD" (31).

Snopes' Farm

A number of texts note that the Snopeses who steadily move into Jefferson originally come from the Frenchman's Bend part of Yoknapatawpha, but as many of the same texts also note, as landless sharecroppers the various Snopeses occupy many different tenant farms in other parts of the county - and, in "Barn Burning," outside it as well. Only two texts identify a specific rural location as the family's origin point.

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Sartoris Bank|Merchants' and Farmers' Bank in Flags in the Dust (Location)

Although in some other texts the official name of this bank is the Farmrs' and Merchants' Bank, and in some of them it is referred to as 'Sartoris' Bank,' in this first Yoknapatawpha novel it is never called anything but "the bank" (3, etc.).

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