Term ID Vocabulary Parent Termsort descending Description
4248 Cultural Issues Class Class conflict
644 Cultural Issues Class Class consciousness
5635 Themes and Motifs Art Classical Greek
4720 Themes and Motifs Art Classical music
3170 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Classical rhetoric
1760 Environment Place Classroom
2185 Environment Atmospheric Claustrophobic
1991 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Clay
5663 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Clay, Henry
2889 Cultural Issues Clothes Clean
3847 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Clean flame
1205 Actions Domestic Cleaning
4152 Aesthetics Symbolism Cleansing power of water
2755 Actions Physical Clearing land
958 Cultural Issues Progress Clearing the land
4121 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Cleveland, Grover
3970 Actions Physical Climbing
3140 Actions Physical Climbing stairs
1164 Actions Physical Climbing tree
5168 Actions Physical Climbing/descending rope
2362 Cultural Issues Clothes Cloak
646 Themes and Motifs Objects Clock
3320 Environment Auditory Clock chiming
3070 Environment Auditory Clock ticking
3500 Environment Public Clock tower
4240 Environment Domestic Space Closet
5480 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Clostermann, Pierre
466 Cultural Issues (First level term) Clothes
1513 Cultural Issues Race Clothes
1643 Cultural Issues Gender Clothing
3372 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Cloud
2493 Environment Weather Cloud
3895 Relationships Social Club
1776 Cultural Issues Law Clue
2190 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Clytemnestra
4072 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Coal dust
3815 Themes and Motifs Objects Coal oil
2116 Cultural Issues Clothes Coat
2838 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Cobb, Ty
5493 Cultural Issues Food Coca-Cola
4826 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Cockrum
4577 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Cockrum
3706 Actions Verbal Code-switching / Change in dialect
4321 Actions Interaction, Private Coercion
5648 Environment Olfactory Coffee
3929 Cultural Issues Food Coffee
1127 Themes and Motifs Objects Coffee
5682 Themes and Motifs Objects Coffee pot
4679 Themes and Motifs Objects Coffin
1790 Themes and Motifs Death Coffin
3121 Relationships Familial Cohesion
3964 Themes and Motifs Money Coin
4024 Themes and Motifs Objects Coin
1871 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Coke upon Littleton
780 Environment Weather Cold
1106 Environment Atmospheric Cold
5362 Cultural Issues History Cold War
2867 Actions Emotional Coldness
1274 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Coleridge, Samuel
3062 Themes and Motifs Story-telling Collaborative
1186 Aesthetics Narrative Collaborative narration

Any time multiple characters or voices participate in relating a story. JW

3266 Cultural Issues Clothes Collar
3267 Themes and Motifs Objects Collar box
2200 Themes and Motifs Money Collecting money

Added for when Gavin Stevens raises money to pay for the funeral in "Go Down, Moses"; can be used for anytime characters take a collection or otherwise raise money for some cause. JBP

4574 Cultural Issues Land-Use Collective exploitation

This is in reference to the system of governance Uncle Buck and Buddy setup on the McCaslin plantation with black and white working side side-by-side in large cooperative referenced in the Unvanquished (48-49). A similar system is enacted by Brother Goodhay in the Mansion. JB

2237 Themes and Motifs Memory Collective memory
2572 Cultural Issues Education College
3308 Cultural Issues Education College class or lecture
3306 Relationships Friendship College companions / classmates
3275 Environment Domestic Space College dormitory
4287 Cultural Issues Education College life
3765 Cultural Issues Education College or school traditions
3274 Relationships Friendship College roommate
5028 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Colonel Sartoris killed
3015 Cultural Issues History Colonization
3646 Aesthetics Description Color blue
3645 Aesthetics Description Color bronze
3583 Aesthetics Description Color brown
3822 Aesthetics Description Color gray
3786 Aesthetics Description Color green
4075 Aesthetics Description Color lilac
4507 Aesthetics Description Color maroon
3584 Aesthetics Description Color of leaf tobacco
3961 Aesthetics Description Color pink
4508 Aesthetics Description Color purple
3144 Aesthetics Description Color red
3897 Aesthetics Description Color white
3873 Aesthetics Description Color yellow
3524 Cultural Issues Race Colored people as acceptable terminology
1853 Cultural Issues Race Colorism
3703 Themes and Motifs Community Columbus Day
3409 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Columbus, Christopher
5531 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Columbus, Mississippi
2654 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Coma
2521 Actions Military Combat
4264 Environment Auditory Combat sounds
2552 Aesthetics Genre Conventions Comedy
2266 Themes and Motifs Character Comforter
2763 Actions Emotional Comforting
4279 Cultural Issues Age Coming of age