Term ID Vocabularysort descending Parent Term Description
2355 Actions Interaction, Private Seducing
2386 Actions Emotional Seduction
936 Actions Perceptual Seeing
2136 Actions Interaction, Private Seeking approval
1838 Actions Mental Self-consciousness
3972 Actions Emotional Self-consciousness
1612 Actions Emotional Self-doubt
2748 Actions Verbal Self-justifying
3825 Actions Violent Self-mutilation
4297 Actions Emotional Self-pity
3727 Actions Emotional Selfishness
3657 Actions Economic Selling
2122 Actions Economic Selling a house or place
3726 Actions Economic Selling land

Added to distinguish (if we deem necessary) the selling of LAND, part of one's holdings, rather than an entire "home or place"; perhaps these should be subsumed under a single keyword, but selling a home or place is probably not quite the same thing as selling PART of one's land (as in the pasture in SF). JBP

3406 Actions Communication Sending mail
3570 Actions Perceptual Sensing
3213 Actions Perceptual Sensing the past
2495 Actions Domestic Setting the table
1553 Actions Hunting Setting up camp
5236 Actions Economic Settling up
1213 Actions Domestic Sewing
4691 Actions Economic Sex as payment
4227 Actions Interaction, Private Sexual
3794 Actions Violent Sexual assault
3414 Actions Bodily Shaking
2785 Actions Interaction, Social Shaking hands
1294 Actions Emotional Shame
696 Actions Economic Share-cropping|Tenantry

There are significant differences between "share-cropping" and "tenant farming" in reality. "Tenants" typically furnished their own farming tools and livestock, and had at least a measure of control over what crops they planted on land they rented from a landlord; "share-croppers" typically only contributed their own labor, with the landlord dictating what they would raise and providing the animals and tools they used. But in his fiction Faulkner does not maintain this distinction, using the terms as essentially synonymous. SR

3100 Actions Verbal Sharing confidences
2642 Actions Work Sharpening
3371 Actions Bodily Shaving
4347 Actions Movement Ship
916 Actions Bodily Shivering
3388 Actions Emotional Shock
1054 Actions Hunting Shooting
1253 Actions Violent Shooting
619 Actions Interaction, Social Shopping
4759 Actions Economic Shopping
1061 Actions Verbal Shouting
4732 Actions Physical Showing
1854 Actions Verbal Silence
4425 Actions Communication Silence
1402 Actions Bodily Singing
2087 Actions Verbal Singing
1408 Actions Bodily Sitting
2783 Actions Physical Sitting
2146 Actions Mental Skepticism
3378 Actions Violent Slapping
1466 Actions Hunting Slave hunting
663 Actions Bodily Sleeping
2757 Actions Physical Sleeping
5336 Actions Bodily Sleeplessness
4600 Actions Bodily Sleepy
498 Actions Perceptual Smelling
2800 Actions Bodily Smelling
802 Actions Bodily Smoking
2098 Actions Movement Sneaking
3468 Actions Bodily Snoring
4603 Actions Verbal Social criticism
2422 Actions Interaction, Social Social protest
3486 Actions Work Sowing
4301 Actions Communication Spanish
4592 Actions Communication Speaking
4576 Actions Interaction, Social Spectate

Whenever a group of people are watching an event unfold. For example, when the soldiers watch Buck and Buddy play cards in the Unvanquished (50). JB

519 Actions Verbal Speculation
1234 Actions Mental Speculation
1755 Actions Verbal Speech

Any time someone give a speech, in this case Monk. JB

1917 Actions Movement Spitting
2288 Actions Bodily Spitting
3840 Actions Play Sport-fencing
3591 Actions Play Sports Crew / rowing
2205 Actions Play Sports Golf
2283 Actions Perceptual Spying

Any time a character or characters looks at someone or something while attempting to remain undetected. JB

1604 Actions Bodily Squatting
5120 Actions Physical Squatting
1817 Actions Hunting Squirrel hunting
2750 Actions Violent Stabbing
1413 Actions Physical Stalking
5136 Actions Bodily Standing
4588 Actions Legal Standing guard
1072 Actions Bodily Staring
5140 Actions Physical Starting fire
3908 Actions Physical Starting over
1898 Actions Bodily Starvation
3139 Actions Verbal Stating intent to leave home / run away
1113 Actions Moral Stealing
2517 Actions Movement Steamboat
2119 Actions Economic Stock trading

Term for those who buy or sell "stock" - horses, mules, etc. -JBP

4889 Actions Movement Stopping
1843 Actions Work Store clerk
5527 Actions Economic Store owner
3504 Actions Interaction, Private Store owner-customer
1185 Actions Verbal Storytelling
3578 Actions Interaction, Private Strangers in a public place

For when two people happen to interact in some way in the street or some other public place. Added for Quentin's various chance encounters with people during his long day of travel in and around Cambridge. JBP

3499 Actions Interaction, Private Street vendor / service worker
2557 Actions Movement Streetcar
5141 Actions Bodily Stretching
1302 Actions Perceptual Strip searching
5180 Actions Physical Struggling
3615 Actions Emotional Stubbornness