Term ID Vocabularysort ascending Parent Term Description
3329 Actions Physical Inaction / Not doing something
3334 Actions Legal Hearing
3338 Actions Physical Driving
3339 Actions Movement Hurrying
3362 Actions Verbal Explaining
3363 Actions Physical Loading
3366 Actions Economic Offering to buy
3370 Actions Communication Addressing for mail delivery
3371 Actions Bodily Shaving
3378 Actions Violent Slapping
3379 Actions Verbal Predicting
3383 Actions Verbal Garrulousness

Created for Gavin Stevens--LW

3387 Actions Violent Beating
3388 Actions Emotional Shock
3389 Actions Emotional Rage
3390 Actions Verbal Instructing
3391 Actions Emotional Triumph
3392 Actions Emotional Sympathy
3393 Actions Legal Bailing out
3394 Actions Economic Indebtedness
3400 Actions Emotional Gratitude
3401 Actions Play Polo
3406 Actions Communication Sending mail
3414 Actions Bodily Shaking
3415 Actions Verbal Consoling
3424 Actions Verbal Monologue
3440 Actions Work Landscaping
3443 Actions Work Glassblowing
3447 Actions Emotional Longing
3449 Actions Verbal Esoteric language
3450 Actions Verbal Chanting
3468 Actions Bodily Snoring
3469 Actions Play Tennis
3486 Actions Work Sowing
3487 Actions Violent Car accident
3489 Actions Movement Marching
3497 Actions Perceptual Looking away
3498 Actions Work Boot-black / Shoe shine
3499 Actions Interaction, Private Street vendor / service worker
3501 Actions Work Jeweler
3504 Actions Interaction, Private Store owner-customer
3517 Actions Mental Learning
3532 Actions Perceptual Passing from sight
3548 Actions Mental Counting
3549 Actions Interaction, Private Teacher-student
3550 Actions Interaction, Social Teacher-class of students
3553 Actions Mental Failing / Failure
3555 Actions Mental Inattentativeness
3556 Actions Mental Day-dreaming
3566 Actions Verbal Punning
3570 Actions Perceptual Sensing
3578 Actions Interaction, Private Strangers in a public place

For when two people happen to interact in some way in the street or some other public place. Added for Quentin's various chance encounters with people during his long day of travel in and around Cambridge. JBP

3581 Actions Work Maritime / Marine
3591 Actions Play Sports Crew / rowing
3600 Actions Legal Calling police
3607 Actions Movement Matching / Paralleling
3611 Actions Mental Believing
3615 Actions Emotional Stubbornness
3618 Actions Bodily Birth / Being born
3620 Actions Moral Condoning
3631 Actions Verbal Reading aloud
3642 Actions Bodily Falling
3643 Actions Verbal Preaching
3651 Actions Movement Direction east
3652 Actions Movement Limousine
3657 Actions Economic Selling
3660 Actions Mental Distrust
3672 Actions Emotional Hero worship
3673 Actions Verbal Interruption
3676 Actions Verbal Flattery
3685 Actions Mental Disapproval
3686 Actions Physical Trampling
3693 Actions Physical Saluting
3706 Actions Verbal Code-switching / Change in dialect
3709 Actions Verbal Bidding farewell / Saying goodbye
3723 Actions Emotional Inferiority
3725 Actions Emotional Reassurance
3726 Actions Economic Selling land

Added to distinguish (if we deem necessary) the selling of LAND, part of one's holdings, rather than an entire "home or place"; perhaps these should be subsumed under a single keyword, but selling a home or place is probably not quite the same thing as selling PART of one's land (as in the pasture in SF). JBP

3727 Actions Emotional Selfishness
3729 Actions Emotional Joy
3731 Actions Work Miners / mining
3735 Actions Movement Interurban streetcar / trolley
3749 Actions Violent Throwing downstairs
3751 Actions Physical Meddling
3752 Actions Legal Divorce
3757 Actions Moral Cheating
3760 Actions Economic Hiring / employing / offering a job
3761 Actions Emotional Hurting
3771 Actions Bodily Drooling
3773 Actions Moral Entrapment / trapping
3774 Actions Economic Bribing
3777 Actions Play Betting
3778 Actions Physical Evasion
3793 Actions Non-human Dog barking
3794 Actions Violent Sexual assault
3797 Actions Work Milling
3801 Actions Mental Distraction
3802 Actions Physical Cuddling
3803 Actions Bodily Blushing
3804 Actions Mental Incomprehension