Term ID Vocabularysort descending Parent Term Description
3595 Environment Atmospheric Twinkling
5664 Environment Time of Day Two o'clock a.m.
5638 Environment Time of Day Two o'clock p.m.
4183 Environment Atmospheric Unfamiliar place

When the action of a story takes someone into a place they've never been before, for example the "strange country" that the chase of the deer reaches in "Race at Morning" (301).

2983 Environment Auditory Unseen voice
1461 Environment Domestic Space Upstairs
2770 Environment Olfactory Urine
1326 Environment Place Vacant house
2125 Environment Place Vacant lot
5357 Environment Time of Year Valentine's Day
5175 Environment Natural Valley
770 Environment Domestic Space Veranda
3966 Environment Natural Vines
1800 Environment Auditory Voices
2224 Environment Weather Warmth
3262 Environment Auditory Water
3860 Environment Natural Water moving / flowing
341 Environment (First level term) Weather
5193 Environment Time of Year Wednesday
3057 Environment Time of Day Wee hours
2996 Environment Olfactory Weed
3965 Environment Natural Weeds
4558 Environment Place Well|Wellhouse
3984 Environment Atmospheric Wetness
3732 Environment Auditory Whistle
1548 Environment Natural Wilderness

I'm wondering how this is different from "woods" and if they two terms might need to be meshed into one. Are woods more domestic or something? LW
I'm using wilderness when it is directly discussed in the text as a presence, a living thing as in GDM (i.e., "the wilderness breathed again" (174)) JJ

1728 Environment Place Wilderness-civilized boundary
883 Environment Atmospheric Wind
773 Environment Time of Year Winter
1103 Environment Natural Woods
1025 Environment Domestic Space Yard
4983 Environment Place Yoknapatawpha Beat
1839 Environment Public Zoo
1354 Relationships Marital Abandonment
625 Relationships Marital Abusive
5159 Relationships Familial Adoptive
2799 Relationships Friendship Adult friends
2892 Relationships Friendship Adult-child
858 Relationships Sexual Adultery
1355 Relationships Marital Adultery
597 Relationships Social Adversarial
1147 Relationships Marital Alleged
397 Relationships (First level term) Ancestral
4803 Relationships Interspecies Animals preying on humans
3384 Relationships Marital Arranged
1029 Relationships Marital Arrangements
2992 Relationships Marital As atonement
4244 Relationships Interracial As rebellious
1140 Relationships Social Assailant-victim
2317 Relationships Familial Aunt-nephew
2339 Relationships Familial Aunt-niece
4954 Relationships Marital Bachelor
1168 Relationships Marital Bigamy
5240 Relationships Familial Blended
2248 Relationships Interracial Boss-employee
2238 Relationships Commercial Boss-underling
4141 Relationships Marital Breakup
1954 Relationships Familial Brother-brother
1799 Relationships Familial Brother-sister
1857 Relationships Commercial Business partners
2214 Relationships Hierarchical Caretaker-mentally challenged person
4086 Relationships Marital Certificate
2725 Relationships Civic Charity
678 Relationships Hierarchical Child as authority
1397 Relationships Civic child protection
1519 Relationships Interracial Child-adult
1298 Relationships Friendship Childhood friends
3505 Relationships Familial Childlessness
5323 Relationships Institutional Church-Town

Relationship between any of the Churches and the Town in which they are situated. The specific example here is that even though Reverend Schultz and his church found a new clerk to replace Uncle Willy, no one trusted the new stranger.

398 Relationships (First level term) Civic
1321 Relationships Marital Civil marriage
2058 Relationships Familial Clan
3895 Relationships Social Club
3121 Relationships Familial Cohesion
3306 Relationships Friendship College companions / classmates
3274 Relationships Friendship College roommate
399 Relationships (First level term) Commercial
893 Relationships Marital Common law
895 Relationships Familial Common law marriage
4810 Relationships Interracial Companions
4070 Relationships Familial Competition
952 Relationships Interracial Competitive
759 Relationships Social Conflict
782 Relationships Intergenerational Conflict
1012 Relationships Familial Conflict
1037 Relationships Interracial Conflict
1055 Relationships Marital Conflict
545 Relationships Romantic Courtship
815 Relationships Familial Cousin
811 Relationships Familial Cousin-cousin
4865 Relationships Social Coworker
3304 Relationships Social Crowds
537 Relationships Commercial Customer relations
908 Relationships Romantic Death
3118 Relationships Marital Death of spouse
4359 Relationships Familial Descendants
1233 Relationships Marital Desertion
3811 Relationships Sexual Desertion
1910 Relationships Familial Dissolution
4125 Relationships Marital Divorce