Term IDsort descending Vocabulary Parent Term Description
3938 Actions Moral Judgmental
3939 Cultural Issues Gender Stereotype librarian / school teacher
3940 Cultural Issues Food Cake
3941 Environment Place Drugstore / pharmacy
3942 Themes and Motifs Appearance Fatness / obesity
3943 Actions Work Doctor / medical care
3944 Relationships Commercial Doctor-patient
3945 Cultural Issues Gender Menstruation / menstrual cycle
3946 Environment Otherworldly Moon / Lunar
3947 Environment Atmospheric Harvest moon
3948 Environment Time of Year Lunar month / cycle
3949 Environment Atmospheric Full moon
3950 Cultural Issues Gender Women as gentler sex / delicate
3951 Themes and Motifs Body Hips
3952 Themes and Motifs Body Thighs
3953 Cultural Issues Gender Women as mysterious / secretive
3954 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Periodical filth
3955 Actions Perceptual Looking back
3956 Environment Olfactory Sexual smells
3957 Cultural Issues Ethnicity Language barrier
3958 Environment Olfactory Ammonia
3959 Environment Olfactory Animal / stable
3960 Environment Public Railroad tracks
3961 Aesthetics Description Color pink
3962 Environment Domestic Space Immigrant neighborhood
3963 Actions Physical Nodding
3964 Themes and Motifs Money Coin
3965 Environment Natural Weeds
3966 Environment Natural Vines
3967 Actions Bodily Swallowing
3968 Cultural Issues Gender Dirty girl
3969 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Calf rope
3970 Actions Physical Climbing
3971 Themes and Motifs Objects Ladder
3972 Actions Emotional Self-consciousness
3973 Environment Auditory Rodent sounds
3974 Aesthetics Language Oh Oh Oh Oh
3975 Cultural Issues Sexuality Orgasm
3976 Themes and Motifs Appearance Hair pigtails
3977 Cultural Issues Clothes Hair ribbons
3978 Themes and Motifs Appearance Invisibility
3979 Themes and Motifs Meaning Profound
3980 Environment Natural Moss
3981 Environment Natural Flowers
3982 Actions Verbal Misspeaking
3983 Cultural Issues Gender Male body
3984 Environment Atmospheric Wetness
3985 Environment Domestic Space Hogwallow
3986 Actions Physical Rolling / wallowing
3987 Themes and Motifs Body Waist
3988 Environment Olfactory Hog / pig pen
3989 Actions Physical Turning away
3990 Themes and Motifs Body Lips
3991 Cultural Issues Gender Female body
3992 Themes and Motifs Body Legs
3993 Actions Perceptual Sweetness
3994 Themes and Motifs Animals Beavers
3995 Themes and Motifs Body Chins
3996 Themes and Motifs Body Forehead
3997 Actions Violent Scratching
3998 Themes and Motifs Body Breast
3999 Cultural Issues Law Kidnapping
4000 Environment Auditory Running sound
4001 Cultural Issues Law Badge
4002 Actions Verbal Stuttering / stammering
4003 Actions Bodily Retching
4004 Themes and Motifs Memory Sensory memory

When the physical sensation of a particular past event is remembered by a character. BR

4005 Actions Emotional Relief
4006 Cultural Issues Gender Feminine man
4007 Environment Atmospheric Oppressive
4008 Themes and Motifs Animals Dog-fox
4009 Actions Hunting Breeding
4010 Actions Verbal Repetition
4011 Actions Hunting Bird hunting
4012 Actions Hunting Duck hunting
4013 Actions Hunting Goose hunting
4014 Actions Hunting Wildcat hunting
4015 Actions Military Training
4016 Actions Violent Boxing
4017 Actions Verbal Omission
4018 Environment Atmospheric Starlight
4019 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Hardy, Thomas
4020 Actions Interaction, Private Breaking marriage engagement
4021 Environment Place Indian mound
4022 Cultural Issues Clothes Store clothes
4023 Cultural Issues Clothes Spectacles
4024 Themes and Motifs Objects Coin
4025 Actions Interaction, Social Picnic
4026 Cultural Issues Technology Automobile
4027 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Slot machine
4028 Cultural Issues Economy Retirement
4029 Actions Mental Planning
4030 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Glove
4031 Environment Domestic Space Chicken coop / hen house
4032 Actions Movement Procession
4033 Cultural Issues Progress Agricultural
4034 Aesthetics Diction Malapropism
4035 Actions Legal Obstructing justice / law enforcement officer
4036 Cultural Issues Law Constitutional right to remain silent
4037 Cultural Issues Law Criminal assault