Term ID Vocabulary Parent Termsort ascending Description
4617 Actions Verbal Flirting
3454 Relationships Romantic Flirtation
4272 Cultural Issues Education Flight school
553 Actions Movement Flight
1261 Themes and Motifs Body Flesh
5215 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Flem reaches Jefferson
5060 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Flem and Eula marry
3665 Themes and Motifs Animals Fleas
2535 Actions Bodily Flatulence
3676 Actions Verbal Flattery
3333 Themes and Motifs Objects Flat-iron
5080 Actions Movement Flat tire
4423 Themes and Motifs Objects Flashlight
3907 Actions Mental Flashback
4438 Cultural Issues Gender Flapper
3596 Cultural Issues Clothes Flannel
2208 Themes and Motifs Objects Flag
1533 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Flag
2651 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Fixation

The action or process of fixing or being fixed. For instance, In AA!, characters find themselves fixed in place, unable to move beyond something either spatially or conceptually. JC

5633 Environment Time of Day Five o'clock p.m.
5119 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Fitzgerald, F. Scott
2950 Themes and Motifs Objects Fishing rod
3864 Cultural Issues Hunting and Fishing Fishing contest
2538 Environment Place Fishing camp
2913 Actions Hunting Fishing
3857 Themes and Motifs Animals Fish trout
2621 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Fish
2958 Themes and Motifs Animals Fish
2269 Themes and Motifs Objects Fish
488 Aesthetics Narrative First-person vernacular passim
487 Aesthetics Narrative First-person vernacular
504 Aesthetics Narrative First-person plural passim
3131 Aesthetics Narrative First-person passim throughout section
494 Aesthetics Narrative First-person passim
490 Aesthetics Narrative First-person
3129 Cultural Issues Sexuality First sexual encounter or experience

There did not seem to be a keyword for one's first time having sex, so I added this. JBP

5042 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes First settlers arrive
4723 Actions Play Fireworks
3543 Cultural Issues Entertainment Fireworks
4510 Themes and Motifs Objects Firewood
3763 Environment Domestic Space Fireplace|Mantel
1850 Actions Work Fireman
2114 Environment Atmospheric Firelight
1986 Themes and Motifs Animals Fireflies
1983 Cultural Issues Law Firearms

Any formal or informal practices regarding firearms that are functionally law, whether these practices are recognized in a court or not. For example, the assumption that no one in Maury Priest's workplace would bring a gun in the Reivers or the shop owner who refuses to sells Mink ammunition in the Mansion. This definition also includes legal violations of laws surrounding firearms. JB

875 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Fire on the hearth
3872 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Fire
1112 Themes and Motifs Objects Fire
3429 Environment Natural Fire
5264 Environment Atmospheric Fire
4054 Aesthetics Symbolism Fire
5612 Environment Olfactory Fire
3554 Themes and Motifs Body Fingers
2127 Actions Physical Finding

For when the text refers to the explicit act of someone or something being found; may include things found that were not actually being searched for. (Cf. Luster's search for a quarter, and the other things he finds.) -JBP

4129 Cultural Issues Identity, Personal Financial independence
1252 Themes and Motifs Money Filthy lucre

When money elicits moral contempt: as tainted, corrupting, compromised, beneath one. JW

1756 Environment Public Filling Station
408 Aesthetics (First level term) Figures of Speech
550 Actions Violent Fighting
5314 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Fields, Lew

Part of the vaudeville comedy duo Weber and Fields. JHB

5107 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Fielding, Henry
307 Cultural Issues Slavery Field slaves vs house slaves
4313 Environment Domestic Space Field
1023 Environment Place Field
5253 Themes and Motifs Objects Fiddle
836 Relationships Romantic Fiance
1442 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Fever
5604 Cultural Issues Sexuality Fetishism
1913 Actions Movement Fetching
3692 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Fertilise / Fertility imagery
2542 Actions Movement Ferry
3355 Cultural Issues Entertainment Ferris wheel
530 Themes and Motifs Objects Fence
639 Cultural Issues Gender Femininity
4006 Cultural Issues Gender Feminine man
4434 Themes and Motifs Appearance Feminine
3481 Cultural Issues Gender Female stereotype
3789 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Female monsters
1477 Cultural Issues Gender Female intuition

This is any event in which women are able to "intuit" gender relationships. The case in point is in My Grandmother Millard where Granny intuits the budding relationship between Melisandre and Cousin Phillip. Although the projection is certainly Faulkner's, it ties into broader nineteenth and twentieth century patriarchal notions of feminine intuition. Joost Burgers

5263 Cultural Issues Gender Female in peril
4996 Actions Interaction, Social Female gathering
2516 Cultural Issues Education Female education
3991 Cultural Issues Gender Female body
1360 Cultural Issues Sexuality Female
610 Relationships Intergenerational Female
3764 Relationships Social Fellow alumni of a college or university
3078 Actions Bodily Feeling pain
1236 Actions Domestic Feeding
5555 Cultural Issues Law Federal vs state crime
1735 Cultural Issues Government Federal laws and regulations
5461 Cultural Issues Government Federal Bureau of Investigation
3785 Environment Natural Fecundity / lushness
1229 Environment Time of Year February
5552 Cultural Issues Sexuality Fear of sex
505 Actions Emotional Fear
4452 Relationships Familial Favoritism
2300 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Faustus
2802 Aesthetics Intertextuality Faulkner text
3942 Themes and Motifs Appearance Fatness / obesity
4108 Relationships Familial Father-son in law