Term ID Vocabulary Parentsort descending Term Description
1987 Environment Domestic Space Sitting room
1020 Environment Domestic Space Stable
2610 Environment Domestic Space Stairway
5124 Environment Domestic Space Study
1474 Environment Domestic Space Summer house
688 Environment Domestic Space Supper table
1461 Environment Domestic Space Upstairs
770 Environment Domestic Space Veranda
1025 Environment Domestic Space Yard
1977 Actions Economic Accounting

This does not merely describe the specific actions of an accountant, but any formal or informal balancing of the books be it Flem Snopes, Maury Priest, or Will Varner. JB

1228 Actions Economic Ascent
4473 Actions Economic Asking for money
824 Actions Economic Auction
3315 Actions Economic Banking
5327 Actions Economic Bankrupcy
1073 Actions Economic Bargaining
4232 Actions Economic Barter
1602 Actions Economic Blacksmithing
853 Actions Economic Bootlegging
1453 Actions Economic Borrowing
3774 Actions Economic Bribing
5144 Actions Economic Buying
1312 Actions Economic Buying a house
2123 Actions Economic Buying a shop or store
5233 Actions Economic Buying on credit
4599 Actions Economic Buying timber
1603 Actions Economic Carpentry
4472 Actions Economic Child support
3933 Actions Economic Competition
1536 Actions Economic Delivery
4657 Actions Economic Earning Money
5365 Actions Economic Eviction
5483 Actions Economic Factory labor
2231 Actions Economic Frugality
4061 Actions Economic Getting a receipt
1109 Actions Economic Gifting
3760 Actions Economic Hiring / employing / offering a job
2120 Actions Economic Horse trading
685 Actions Economic Impounding
3394 Actions Economic Indebtedness
4536 Actions Economic Insurance payment
2691 Actions Economic Investing
3316 Actions Economic Lending Money
3366 Actions Economic Offering to buy
3048 Actions Economic Offering to sell
3190 Actions Economic Partnership
686 Actions Economic Paying
1068 Actions Economic Purchase
4923 Actions Economic Rationing
4234 Actions Economic Receiving money
1192 Actions Economic Renting
4521 Actions Economic Saving money
2554 Actions Economic Scamming
1359 Actions Economic Scheming
3657 Actions Economic Selling
2122 Actions Economic Selling a house or place
3726 Actions Economic Selling land

Added to distinguish (if we deem necessary) the selling of LAND, part of one's holdings, rather than an entire "home or place"; perhaps these should be subsumed under a single keyword, but selling a home or place is probably not quite the same thing as selling PART of one's land (as in the pasture in SF). JBP

5236 Actions Economic Settling up
4691 Actions Economic Sex as payment
696 Actions Economic Share-cropping|Tenantry

There are significant differences between "share-cropping" and "tenant farming" in reality. "Tenants" typically furnished their own farming tools and livestock, and had at least a measure of control over what crops they planted on land they rented from a landlord; "share-croppers" typically only contributed their own labor, with the landlord dictating what they would raise and providing the animals and tools they used. But in his fiction Faulkner does not maintain this distinction, using the terms as essentially synonymous. SR

4759 Actions Economic Shopping
2119 Actions Economic Stock trading

Term for those who buy or sell "stock" - horses, mules, etc. -JBP

5527 Actions Economic Store owner
3049 Actions Economic Taking without paying

Somewhat distinct from stealing; this is for when someone confiscates, keeps, or otherwise takes something for which payment might ordinarily be expected. (The incident of the golfer keeping the golf ball that Luster tries to sell to him, for example.) -JBP

1195 Actions Economic Trading
4487 Actions Economic Transactional
3191 Relationships Economical Partnership
5112 Relationships Economical Trustee-ward
3201 Cultural Issues Economy Advertising
5520 Cultural Issues Economy And racism
599 Cultural Issues Economy Auction
2939 Cultural Issues Economy Banking
556 Cultural Issues Economy Bargaining
3932 Cultural Issues Economy Bootlegging
1313 Cultural Issues Economy Buying a house
2412 Cultural Issues Economy Civic boosterism
2540 Cultural Issues Economy Commerce

Any moment in which the advent or nature of commerce is commented upon. In this instance, it is proto-capitalistic practices that take place as Yoknapatawpha moves from frontier to civilization. JB

4949 Cultural Issues Economy Consumption

This term is meant to capture the buying of goods--food, staples, hardware, etc.; goods to be bought and sold. JJ

5225 Cultural Issues Economy Contract
2420 Cultural Issues Economy Cotton planting
1965 Cultural Issues Economy Domestic
1064 Cultural Issues Economy Dowry
4471 Cultural Issues Economy Economic speculation
4480 Cultural Issues Economy Evaluate exchange value
577 Cultural Issues Economy Gambling
859 Cultural Issues Economy Gift
5558 Cultural Issues Economy Highway diners
3202 Cultural Issues Economy Industrialization
4581 Cultural Issues Economy Insurance
4707 Cultural Issues Economy Labor trouble
5454 Cultural Issues Economy Labor unions
5458 Cultural Issues Economy Laissez-faire capitalism
4115 Cultural Issues Economy Ledger
5308 Cultural Issues Economy Market day
3935 Cultural Issues Economy Moonshine
3812 Cultural Issues Economy Oil business
1191 Cultural Issues Economy Poverty
532 Cultural Issues Economy Predatory practices
5340 Cultural Issues Economy Prices
862 Cultural Issues Economy Property