Term ID Vocabulary Parent Termsort descending Description
1850 Actions Work Fireman
3763 Environment Domestic Space Fireplace|Mantel
4510 Themes and Motifs Objects Firewood
4723 Actions Play Fireworks
3543 Cultural Issues Entertainment Fireworks
5042 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes First settlers arrive
3129 Cultural Issues Sexuality First sexual encounter or experience

There did not seem to be a keyword for one's first time having sex, so I added this. JBP

490 Aesthetics Narrative First-person
494 Aesthetics Narrative First-person passim
3131 Aesthetics Narrative First-person passim throughout section
504 Aesthetics Narrative First-person plural passim
487 Aesthetics Narrative First-person vernacular
488 Aesthetics Narrative First-person vernacular passim
2621 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Fish
2958 Themes and Motifs Animals Fish
2269 Themes and Motifs Objects Fish
3857 Themes and Motifs Animals Fish trout
2913 Actions Hunting Fishing
2538 Environment Place Fishing camp
3864 Cultural Issues Hunting and Fishing Fishing contest
2950 Themes and Motifs Objects Fishing rod
5119 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Fitzgerald, F. Scott
5633 Environment Time of Day Five o'clock p.m.
2651 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Fixation

The action or process of fixing or being fixed. For instance, In AA!, characters find themselves fixed in place, unable to move beyond something either spatially or conceptually. JC

2208 Themes and Motifs Objects Flag
1533 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Flag
3596 Cultural Issues Clothes Flannel
4438 Cultural Issues Gender Flapper
3907 Actions Mental Flashback
4423 Themes and Motifs Objects Flashlight
5080 Actions Movement Flat tire
3333 Themes and Motifs Objects Flat-iron
3676 Actions Verbal Flattery
2535 Actions Bodily Flatulence
3665 Themes and Motifs Animals Fleas
5060 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Flem and Eula marry
5215 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Flem reaches Jefferson
1261 Themes and Motifs Body Flesh
553 Actions Movement Flight
4272 Cultural Issues Education Flight school
3454 Relationships Romantic Flirtation
4617 Actions Verbal Flirting
3545 Environment Weather Flood
3299 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Flood imagery
5366 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Florida
3750 Themes and Motifs Objects Flower orchid
2084 Themes and Motifs Objects Flowers
1102 Environment Olfactory Flowers
3981 Environment Natural Flowers
3292 Themes and Motifs Objects Flowers Dogwood
5160 Themes and Motifs Objects Flowers larkspur
3291 Themes and Motifs Objects Flowers Milkweed
3287 Themes and Motifs Objects Flowers Roses
4672 Cultural Issues Gender Fluidity
4202 Environment Weather Fog
1505 Cultural Issues War Fog of War
3246 Themes and Motifs Supernatural Folk customs
5103 Cultural Issues Religion Folk superstition
3133 Themes and Motifs Supernatural Folklore
841 Actions Movement Following
467 Cultural Issues (First level term) Food
489 Environment Olfactory Food
4373 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Food and drink imagery
2132 Actions Domestic Food preparation
727 Themes and Motifs Character Fool|Foolishness
3301 Themes and Motifs Body Foot / Feet
2239 Cultural Issues Entertainment Football
2028 Themes and Motifs Objects Footprint
4300 Environment Auditory Footsteps
1382 Actions Work For room and board
2020 Themes and Motifs Character Forbearance
1622 Relationships Marital Forced
280 Cultural Issues Slavery Forced migration
2290 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Ford, Henry
3996 Themes and Motifs Body Forehead
4042 Aesthetics Language Foreign accent / dialect
3827 Aesthetics Language Foreign language
3936 Cultural Issues Nationality Foreigners
5580 Relationships Hierarchical Foreman-worker
3038 Aesthetics Narrative Foreshadowing
5108 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Forever Amber
596 Cultural Issues Crime Forgery
5155 Actions Mental Forgetting
2112 Themes and Motifs Memory Forgetting
2650 Actions Moral Forgiveness
4820 Cultural Issues Religion Forgiveness
1516 Cultural Issues Clothes Formal
1486 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Forrest, Nathan Bedford
4785 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Fort Moultrie, South Carolina
2327 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Fort Sumter
4913 Relationships Familial Foster family
1672 Cultural Issues History Founding fathers
5684 Environment Time of Day Four o'clock a.m.
5198 Environment Time of Day Four o'clock p.m.
914 Themes and Motifs Animals Fox
1481 Actions Hunting Fox hunting
2464 Themes and Motifs Objects Fox-horn
1046 Environment Place Foyer
3289 Aesthetics Language Fragments
1659 Aesthetics Narrative Frame

Though somewhat obvious, this refers to a "nested" narrative where a story is told by someone to someone else. The example here is the opening of The Reivers, where the entire text is framed as being told to Lucius III by Lucius II. JB