Term ID Vocabulary Parentsort descending Term Description
2891 Actions Communication Post card
4467 Actions Communication Receiving mail
3406 Actions Communication Sending mail
4425 Actions Communication Silence
4301 Actions Communication Spanish
4592 Actions Communication Speaking
2426 Actions Communication Swearing
2350 Actions Communication Telegraph
1415 Actions Communication Telephone
3212 Actions Communication Transcribing
2428 Actions Communication Unsent message
1570 Actions Communication Without words

When someone communicates by means of something other than words (written or spoken); for example, the envelope full of money Boyd wants Ike to give his mistress, or the verbena that Drusilla leaves on Bayard's pillow.

1900 Actions Communication Writing
626 Themes and Motifs Community African-American
2331 Themes and Motifs Community Alienation
2724 Themes and Motifs Community Carnival
3703 Themes and Motifs Community Columbus Day
3598 Themes and Motifs Community Conformity
4856 Themes and Motifs Community Cooperation
1596 Themes and Motifs Community Crowd
3411 Themes and Motifs Community Decoration Day
4136 Themes and Motifs Community Knowledge
3382 Themes and Motifs Community Local legends

I created this term in response to the local legend of Melisandre Backus Harriss that Chick inherits in "Knight's Gambit."--LW

3546 Themes and Motifs Community Opinion
4652 Themes and Motifs Community Ordinary
3407 Themes and Motifs Community Parade
3437 Themes and Motifs Community Populace
2083 Themes and Motifs Community Posse
2429 Themes and Motifs Community Preserving order
1920 Themes and Motifs Community Secrecy
676 Themes and Motifs Community Social life
4424 Themes and Motifs Community Stranger

I'm thinking of the times when someone enters a community who is unknown and the collective community has suspicions about this character. A clear example would be Lena Grove. (jj)

5446 Themes and Motifs Community Supportive
4748 Themes and Motifs Community Taboos
539 Themes and Motifs Community Tradition
4783 Themes and Motifs Community Upliftment

Whenever a member of the community takes it upon him or herself to "uplift" the rest of the members of the community, whether they want to be uplifted or not. The specific example is John Sartoris in The Unvanquished who has grand plans for the people of Jefferson (223).

1666 Themes and Motifs Community Wedding
5013 Cultural Issues Crime And race
4714 Cultural Issues Crime Arson
3101 Cultural Issues Crime Blackmail
722 Cultural Issues Crime Bootlegging
940 Cultural Issues Crime Breaking and entering
2584 Cultural Issues Crime Bribe

Any payoff to law enforcement or other institution to circumvent the strictures of the law. In The Reivers Lucius Priest refers to this as "blackmail" (112). This is meant ironically. JB

4593 Cultural Issues Crime Car theft
2544 Cultural Issues Crime Cattle rustling
2545 Cultural Issues Crime Commercial sexual exploitation

Undoubtedly the more common term searched will be "prostitution". The aim of this term is to identify the crime being actively committed by the pimps and bordello madams. JB

2987 Cultural Issues Crime Drug addiction
3795 Cultural Issues Crime Embezzlement
2959 Cultural Issues Crime Extortion
596 Cultural Issues Crime Forgery
1909 Cultural Issues Crime Fratricide
5316 Cultural Issues Crime Fraud

This type of fraud is distinct from action: moral :: fraud in the sense that there are legal consequences. The specific example here is from "Death Drag" where Ginsfarb has a plane that is unlicensed and purchased a license from another plane that was allowed to fly thereby "compound[ing] another felony" (194). JHB

1746 Cultural Issues Crime Gambling
4594 Cultural Issues Crime Grave robbing
4578 Cultural Issues Crime Horse theft
4595 Cultural Issues Crime Innocence
4791 Cultural Issues Crime Interruption
3063 Cultural Issues Crime Kidnapping
2335 Cultural Issues Crime Looting
968 Cultural Issues Crime Making whisky
969 Cultural Issues Crime Manslaughter
3934 Cultural Issues Crime Moonshining
750 Cultural Issues Crime Murder
4877 Cultural Issues Crime Numbers
990 Cultural Issues Crime Penalty for
3838 Cultural Issues Crime Prevention
2986 Cultural Issues Crime Prostitution
5282 Cultural Issues Crime Racialized
4634 Cultural Issues Crime Rape
4938 Cultural Issues Crime Sedition
592 Cultural Issues Crime Theft|Robbery
4939 Cultural Issues Crime Treason
1747 Cultural Issues Crime Vagrancy
1424 Cultural Issues Crime Vigilantism

This denotes moments where characters appoint themselves to punish a crime (real or imagined). BR

4780 Cultural Issues Crime Voter fraud
2001 Cultural Issues Crime Waistcoat
1730 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity America and opportunity
3195 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity American
5375 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity And nationality
2447 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity Anglophile
3661 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity Country vs city
4698 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity Jewish
3031 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity Lost Cause
3207 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity Multiculturalism
1896 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity North vs South
4745 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity Outlander
2388 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity Puritan
4849 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity Savagism
3663 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity Southern identity
4819 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity Trans-regional
2232 Themes and Motifs Death Afterlife
4747 Themes and Motifs Death Ambiguous circumstances
4428 Themes and Motifs Death And inheritance
2082 Themes and Motifs Death Animal bear
2073 Themes and Motifs Death Animal Dog
2910 Themes and Motifs Death Animal horse
4535 Themes and Motifs Death Animal mule
3099 Themes and Motifs Death Anticipation of death
2911 Themes and Motifs Death Bones
2265 Themes and Motifs Death Burial