Term IDsort ascending Vocabulary Parent Term Description
1728 Environment Place Wilderness-civilized boundary
1727 Cultural Issues Clothes And race
1726 Actions Perceptual Watching
1725 Themes and Motifs Absence/Loss Disappearance
1724 Actions Interaction, Social Incarcerating
1723 Themes and Motifs Money In prospect
1722 Cultural Issues Government Municipal meeting
1721 Themes and Motifs Money Reward
1720 Cultural Issues Identity, Personal On frontier
1719 Themes and Motifs Animals Race horse
1718 Cultural Issues Violence Lynching
1717 Actions Legal Locking up
1716 Cultural Issues Government Right of secession
1715 Aesthetics Symbolism Created by characters
1714 Environment Auditory Postal horn
1713 Cultural Issues Government National authority
1712 Cultural Issues War War of 1812
1711 Cultural Issues War American Revolution
1710 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Arthritis
1709 Themes and Motifs Texts Newspapers
1708 Cultural Issues Progress Frontier to civilization
1707 Actions Movement Constant
1706 Cultural Issues Progress Renovations
1705 Themes and Motifs Texts Letter of protest
1704 Actions Interaction, Social Civic dispute
1703 Cultural Issues Progress Mail delivery
1702 Themes and Motifs Naming Place name
1701 Actions Interaction, Social Making progress
1700 Themes and Motifs Objects Padlock
1699 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical James, Jesse
1698 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Dillinger, John
1697 Cultural Issues Progress Building structure
1696 Environment Place Frontier
1695 Themes and Motifs Values Liberty
1694 Cultural Issues Progress Frontier times
1693 Cultural Issues Identity, Personal Ambiguous
1692 Aesthetics Interpretation Ambiguity
1691 Actions Interaction, Social Barbecue
1690 Environment Time of Year July Fourth
1689 Themes and Motifs Chaos/Order Accident
1688 Aesthetics Interpretation Debunking story
1687 Aesthetics Narrative Parentheses
1686 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Damocles sword
1685 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Napoleon
1684 Cultural Issues Progress Ironies of
1683 Actions Interaction, Social Marketing
1682 Actions Interaction, Social Frontier life
1681 Themes and Motifs Objects Iron box
1680 Actions Work Building structure
1679 Actions Legal Record keeping
1678 Themes and Motifs Texts Civic records
1677 Cultural Issues Progress Requirements
1676 Cultural Issues Progress Education
1675 Cultural Issues Progress Religion
1674 Cultural Issues History Indian Removal
1673 Environment Public Pioneer settlement
1672 Cultural Issues History Founding fathers
1671 Themes and Motifs Story-telling Old days
1670 Cultural Issues Clothes Veil
1669 Environment Atmospheric Chaos
1668 Cultural Issues Food Community
1667 Themes and Motifs Arrivals/Departures Arrival
1666 Themes and Motifs Community Wedding
1665 Cultural Issues Progress Technological
1664 Cultural Issues Technology Television
1663 Cultural Issues Technology Invention
1662 Cultural Issues Progress Historical
1661 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Explorers
1660 Cultural Issues History Explorers
1659 Aesthetics Narrative Frame

Though somewhat obvious, this refers to a "nested" narrative where a story is told by someone to someone else. The example here is the opening of The Reivers, where the entire text is framed as being told to Lucius III by Lucius II. JB

1658 Themes and Motifs Objects Umbrella
1657 Cultural Issues Clothes Bonnet
1656 Cultural Issues Clothes Mourning
1655 Cultural Issues Gender Widow
1654 Actions Emotional Defeat
1653 Themes and Motifs Objects Trunk
1652 Cultural Issues Region Reconstruction
1651 Actions Emotional Crying
1650 Aesthetics Narrative Self-Reflective
1649 Actions Emotional Embarrasment
1648 Actions Work Getting water
1647 Themes and Motifs Objects Surrey
1646 Themes and Motifs Objects Parasol
1645 Cultural Issues Clothes Shawl
1644 Actions Domestic Teaching
1643 Cultural Issues Gender Clothing
1642 Cultural Issues Religion Episcopal
1641 Cultural Issues Religion Baptist
1640 Cultural Issues Gender Body
1639 Aesthetics Narrative Withholding
1638 Aesthetics Narrative Anti-climax
1637 Aesthetics Narrative Epiphany
1636 Aesthetics Language Indian
1635 Cultural Issues Land-Use Agricultural
1634 Cultural Issues Land-Use Spiritual
1633 Cultural Issues Hunting and Fishing Annual
1632 Cultural Issues Ritual Funeral
1631 Relationships Friendship Racial

I did not create this definition, but I read this as friendships that occur by virtue of people being of the same race. For example, Ned and Ephum in the Reivers are surrounded by white people and form friendship. Not sure how this term is meant to be used though. JB

1630 Themes and Motifs Values Moral authority
1629 Cultural Issues Hunting and Fishing Ritual