Term IDsort ascending Vocabulary Parent Term Description
2472 Relationships Familial Mother-son
2471 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Rheumatism
2470 Themes and Motifs Objects Wheel
2469 Themes and Motifs Objects Bottle
2468 Cultural Issues Clothes Jewelry
2467 Themes and Motifs Animals Bumble-bee
2466 Themes and Motifs Objects Fan
2465 Actions Verbal Planning
2464 Themes and Motifs Objects Fox-horn
2463 Actions Physical Race
2462 Themes and Motifs Animals Pony
2461 Relationships Civic Postal carrier-community
2460 Themes and Motifs Absence/Loss Attempt to find substitute
2459 Cultural Issues Clothes Dirty
2458 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Demosthenes
2457 Actions Verbal Eloquence
2456 Cultural Issues Religion Social welfare as substitute
2455 Themes and Motifs Objects Locks
2454 Themes and Motifs Objects Keys
2453 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Searching
2452 Themes and Motifs Objects Books
2451 Themes and Motifs Objects Hunting horn
2450 Themes and Motifs Absence/Loss Loss of object
2449 Environment Place Graveyard
2448 Actions Emotional Callousness
2447 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity Anglophile
2446 Cultural Issues Slavery Courtship
2445 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical New York
2444 Relationships Intergenerational Uncle-nephew
2443 Cultural Issues Clothes Tie
2442 Cultural Issues Sexuality Harassment
2441 Themes and Motifs Body Weight
2440 Cultural Issues Food Ice-cream
2439 Cultural Issues Land-Use Loss of flora
2438 Cultural Issues Land-Use Loss of wildlife
2437 Actions Emotional Tolerance
2436 Actions Verbal Chatter
2435 Cultural Issues Clothes Silk
2434 Relationships Ancestral Generational succession
2433 Themes and Motifs Naming Change over time
2432 Cultural Issues Alcohol Drugged
2431 Actions Interaction, Social Partying
2430 Environment Place Hotel kitchen
2429 Themes and Motifs Community Preserving order
2428 Actions Communication Unsent message
2427 Themes and Motifs Meaning Interpretation of symbol
2426 Actions Communication Swearing
2425 Actions Communication By sound
2424 Cultural Issues History War of 1812
2423 Cultural Issues History American Revolution
2422 Actions Interaction, Social Social protest
2421 Themes and Motifs Exile Indian Removal
2420 Cultural Issues Economy Cotton planting
2419 Cultural Issues Slavery Local origins
2418 Themes and Motifs Past Yoknapatawpha founders
2417 Relationships Intergenerational Tutor-student
2416 Themes and Motifs Chaos/Order Restoring order
2415 Cultural Issues Violence Drunken brawling
2414 Cultural Issues Government Militia muster
2413 Cultural Issues History Frontier outlawry
2412 Cultural Issues Economy Civic boosterism
2411 Themes and Motifs Naming Promotional
2410 Cultural Issues Law And progress
2409 Cultural Issues Economy White-Indian commerce
2408 Themes and Motifs Morals Faith
2407 Themes and Motifs Character Inherited traits
2406 Themes and Motifs Values Providence
2405 Actions Military Enlistment
2404 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Bull Run
2403 Themes and Motifs Character Gambler
2402 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Evolution
2401 Cultural Issues Race White race
2400 Themes and Motifs Values Decorum
2399 Environment Place Brothel / Bordello
2398 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Eternal feminine
2397 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Medical / Surgical
2396 Cultural Issues Violence Dueling
2395 Cultural Issues Ritual Dueling
2394 Actions Moral Corrupting
2393 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Photography
2392 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Planting
2391 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Saint
2390 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical God / Jehovah
2389 Themes and Motifs Character Naivety
2388 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity Puritan
2387 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Don Juan
2386 Actions Emotional Seduction
2385 Themes and Motifs Supernatural Spell
2384 Themes and Motifs Values Devotion
2383 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Secret
2382 Themes and Motifs Supernatural Phantom
2381 Actions Emotional Suspicion
2380 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Lothario
2379 Themes and Motifs Animals Ants
2378 Themes and Motifs Meaning Meaninglessness
2377 Themes and Motifs Art Objet d'art
2376 Aesthetics Metafictional Signs
2375 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical New Orleans, Louisiana
2374 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Desert island
2373 Themes and Motifs Supernatural Telepathy