Term IDsort descending Vocabulary Parent Term Description
2733 Actions Physical Praying
2734 Actions Verbal Swearing
2735 Actions Physical Walking
2736 Actions Emotional Betrayal
2737 Themes and Motifs Objects Rake
2738 Actions Military Riding
2739 Themes and Motifs Character Greed
2740 Actions Violent Raiding
2741 Themes and Motifs Character Coward
2742 Actions Verbal Lying
2743 Aesthetics Tone Overwrought

This label is as subjective as it is possibly contentious, yet I have created for those instances in which the tone appears too highfalutin, philosophical, or otherwise "fancy" in relation to the subject matter at hand. The specific example, is from The Reivers when Lucius Priest constantly reflects on his younger self in mock-epic fashion to describe his battles with "Virtue". JB

2744 Themes and Motifs Objects Condom
2745 Actions Emotional Curious
2746 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Handy, W.C.
2747 Environment Weather Snow
2748 Actions Verbal Self-justifying
2749 Themes and Motifs Time Anticipation
2750 Actions Violent Stabbing
2751 Cultural Issues Ritual Commemoration
2752 Actions Verbal Yelling
2753 Actions Physical Holding
2754 Relationships Civic Voting
2755 Actions Physical Clearing land
2756 Cultural Issues War Reconstruction
2757 Actions Physical Sleeping
2758 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Insanity
2759 Actions Physical Getting water
2760 Environment Domestic Space Log yard
2761 Actions Physical Sawing
2762 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Shakespeare, William
2763 Actions Emotional Comforting
2764 Actions Violent Intimidation
2765 Environment Public Sidewalk
2766 Environment Place Saloon
2767 Cultural Issues Alcohol Laws

This keyword covers any laws and regulations regarding the production, sale, or consumption of alcohol. This covers "Blue Laws", bootlegging, and other legal frameworks. The reason for putting this under Alcohol and not crime was that this is not to highlight any specific law or that someone has even committed a crime, but rather the legal structure affirms or contradicts cultural norms around alcohol. JB

2768 Cultural Issues Ethnicity Italian
2769 Environment Public Train Station/Train depot
2770 Environment Olfactory Urine
2771 Environment Auditory Murmur
2772 Environment Olfactory Alcohol
2773 Cultural Issues Clothes Immodest female clothing
2774 Cultural Issues Alcohol Teetotaling

Teetotaling as a cultural issue or as a personal moral or habitual choice. This is different than "teetotaler" under character, which is the defining character trait of that person. The example here is Minnie in The Reivers who works in a brothel, but is a teetotaler because she is a "damn christian scientist or republican or something" (153). In this sense, it is not her defining character trait. JB

2775 Cultural Issues Religion Chistian Scientist
2776 Actions Emotional Homesickness|Longing for home
2777 Cultural Issues Labor Prostitution

Any instance in which the labor aspects of prostitution are highlighted or discussed. JB

2778 Actions Moral Blackmail
2779 Actions Emotional Indignation
2780 Aesthetics Language French
2781 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Cain
2782 Relationships Friendship Interracial
2783 Actions Physical Sitting
2784 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Sword
2785 Actions Interaction, Social Shaking hands
2786 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Ten Commandments
2787 Environment Time of Year September
2788 Actions Emotional Repentance
2789 Actions Physical Gardening
2790 Themes and Motifs Death Moment of
2791 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Lytle, Horace
2792 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Rainey, Paul
2793 Actions Hunting Panther hunting
2794 Actions Hunting Lion hunting
2795 Themes and Motifs Animals Lion
2796 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Africa
2797 Themes and Motifs Objects Saddle
2798 Cultural Issues Religion Mason

Although the Masons are explicitly not a religion, as a secret fraternal order they do represent a belief system. I have placed them under religion for the time being, until we figure out a better place. JB

2799 Relationships Friendship Adult friends
2800 Actions Bodily Smelling
2801 Themes and Motifs Money Payoff

TMT: I added this for the scene in which John Sartoris sends money to the widow of a man whom he killed in The Unvanquished (221), so I don't know whether it will be applicable anywhere else; but nothing else on the list seemed to fit.

2802 Aesthetics Intertextuality Faulkner text
2803 Cultural Issues Progress Regional
2804 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Lucifer
2805 Environment Place Road
2806 Environment Public Pasture

There is already an entry for Domestic Space -> Pasture. This refers to a pasture that is not part of a domestic space. JB

2807 Cultural Issues Religion Islam
2808 Cultural Issues Religion Catholicism
2809 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Roosevelt, Eleanor
2810 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Goldwater, Barry
2811 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical White Citizens' Council
2812 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Americans for Democratic Action
2813 Actions Physical Bathing
2814 Environment Domestic Space Lean-to
2815 Cultural Issues Law Corruption
2816 Cultural Issues Gender Sexual Harassment
2817 Environment Olfactory Sweat
2818 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Uncle Remus
2819 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Lord Fauntleroy
2820 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Kiblett, Arkansas
2821 Aesthetics Language Heh heh heh
2822 Environment Domestic Space Barn
2823 Actions Communication Gossip

The original definition here was "informal oral networks", which was too technical, but perhaps more accurate. In essence, gossip here is a means for the whole community to become aware of news. JB

2824 Cultural Issues Alcohol Ether
2825 Relationships Institutional Doctor-patient
2826 Cultural Issues Clothes Garter
2827 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical London
2828 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Raleigh, Tennessee
2829 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Iuka, Mississippi
2830 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Ozarks
2832 Cultural Issues Hunting and Fishing Tourism

Tourism generated by annual hunting and fishing seasons. JB

2833 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Wall Street