Term ID Vocabulary Parentsort ascending Term Description
5178 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Jezebel
2703 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Jordan
3330 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Judgment Day
5379 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Judith
4475 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Leprosy
2693 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Lilith
2804 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Lucifer
5274 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Magdalen
2173 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Mary
2057 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Moses
3075 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical New Testament Book of Revelation
2163 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Noah/flood
4959 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Old Testament
3567 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Old Testament Book of Isaiah
3866 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Old Testament Book of Proverbs
3712 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Old Testament Book of Psalms
3862 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Old Testament Book Song of Songs
1121 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Pharaoh
4734 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Pilate
4337 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Purgatory
4632 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Sacrificial Animal
2391 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Saint
4546 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Samson
2352 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Satan
4358 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Seraphim and cherubim
2618 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Snake
4611 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Solomon
2784 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Sword
2786 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Ten Commandments
3425 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Three score and ten
3728 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Valley of the shadow of death
4597 Cultural Issues Alcohol Abstinence
3915 Cultural Issues Alcohol Alcoholism
4459 Cultural Issues Alcohol As anaesthetic
4948 Cultural Issues Alcohol As currency
2575 Cultural Issues Alcohol Beer
569 Cultural Issues Alcohol Bootlegging
2920 Cultural Issues Alcohol Champagne
3916 Cultural Issues Alcohol Death from drinking
4098 Cultural Issues Alcohol Drink recipe
2432 Cultural Issues Alcohol Drugged
1254 Cultural Issues Alcohol Drunkenness
2824 Cultural Issues Alcohol Ether
2582 Cultural Issues Alcohol Gin
2767 Cultural Issues Alcohol Laws

This keyword covers any laws and regulations regarding the production, sale, or consumption of alcohol. This covers "Blue Laws", bootlegging, and other legal frameworks. The reason for putting this under Alcohol and not crime was that this is not to highlight any specific law or that someone has even committed a crime, but rather the legal structure affirms or contradicts cultural norms around alcohol. JB

2963 Cultural Issues Alcohol Manhood
4094 Cultural Issues Alcohol Mint julep
3249 Cultural Issues Alcohol Moonshine
2583 Cultural Issues Alcohol Race

These are racial issues specifically related to alcohol. For example, Minnie in The Reivers declines to drink with too many white people at once (113). There are also other issues around the production, sale, and consumption of alcohol that cut across racial lines. I thought it was more appropriate to place this here rather than in the race category within cultural issues, as that is already getting full, and becomes the alcohol predominates here. JB

3705 Cultural Issues Alcohol Racial|Regional stereotypes about drinking
2988 Cultural Issues Alcohol Sobriety
5334 Cultural Issues Alcohol Store-bought vs moonshine
2774 Cultural Issues Alcohol Teetotaling

Teetotaling as a cultural issue or as a personal moral or habitual choice. This is different than "teetotaler" under character, which is the defining character trait of that person. The example here is Minnie in The Reivers who works in a brothel, but is a teetotaler because she is a "damn christian scientist or republican or something" (153). In this sense, it is not her defining character trait. JB

3799 Cultural Issues Alcohol Toddy
4096 Cultural Issues Alcohol Traditional southern drink
4676 Cultural Issues Alcohol Wanting a drink
724 Cultural Issues Alcohol Whiskey
2228 Cultural Issues Alcohol Wine
4106 Cultural Issues Alcohol Wine hamper
1178 Cultural Issues Agriculture Corn
1179 Cultural Issues Agriculture Cotton
5488 Cultural Issues Agriculture Crop dusting
3227 Cultural Issues Agriculture Diminishing farms
3634 Cultural Issues Agriculture Farming
1154 Cultural Issues Agriculture Farming life
5335 Cultural Issues Agriculture Furnish bill
5331 Cultural Issues Agriculture Government regulations
2348 Cultural Issues Agriculture Grist mill

This is for any general discussion of grist mills as a farm implement. JB

2970 Cultural Issues Agriculture Hay
3204 Cultural Issues Agriculture Hill farms
4994 Cultural Issues Agriculture Household gardening
2587 Cultural Issues Agriculture Husbandry

Any part of a text related to the care and breeding of animals. The immediate context for this is on an actual farm, as for example Mink's attempt to breed his cow with a local bull. It also extends out to any knowledge of animals for the purposes of domestication or labor. For example, Lucius Priest being able to identify a horse as "three-quarters-bred" in The Reivers, though the horse itself is not on a farm. JB

4907 Cultural Issues Agriculture Livestock
5533 Cultural Issues Agriculture Lumber trade
4875 Cultural Issues Agriculture Market gardening
2971 Cultural Issues Agriculture Matched team of horses or mules
5305 Cultural Issues Agriculture Ownership
5332 Cultural Issues Agriculture Regulations
3678 Cultural Issues Agriculture Salt lick
3203 Cultural Issues Agriculture Share-cropping|Tenantry

There are significant differences between "share-cropping" and "tenant farming" in reality. "Tenants" typically furnished their own farming tools and livestock, and had at least a measure of control over what crops they planted on land they rented from a landlord; "share-croppers" typically only contributed their own labor, with the landlord dictating what they would raise and providing the animals and tools they used. But in his fiction Faulkner does not maintain this distinction, using the terms as essentially synonymous. SR

1176 Cultural Issues Agriculture Soil quality
3206 Cultural Issues Agriculture Tractors
5290 Actions Agricultural Child labor
1212 Actions Agricultural Chopping
2260 Actions Agricultural Cotton picking
1833 Actions Agricultural Farming
5234 Actions Agricultural Ginning cotton
5572 Actions Agricultural Hay-making
5532 Actions Agricultural Hog farming
4751 Actions Agricultural Incompetent farming
1868 Actions Agricultural Livestock care
5267 Actions Agricultural Milking a cow
5337 Actions Agricultural Planting
1130 Actions Agricultural Plowing
5237 Actions Agricultural Raising|shipping cattle
923 Cultural Issues Age Adolescence
5606 Cultural Issues Age Agelessness
2965 Cultural Issues Age Baby
1288 Cultural Issues Age Childhood
4279 Cultural Issues Age Coming of age