Term ID Vocabularysort ascending Parent Term Description
2461 Relationships Civic Postal carrier-community
2472 Relationships Familial Mother-son
2590 Relationships Friendship Male-male relationship
2704 Relationships Interspecies Woman-horse
2725 Relationships Civic Charity
2754 Relationships Civic Voting
2782 Relationships Friendship Interracial
2799 Relationships Friendship Adult friends
2825 Relationships Institutional Doctor-patient
2844 Relationships Sexual Prostitute-Client
2868 Relationships Civic Pillar of the community
2892 Relationships Friendship Adult-child
2947 Relationships Romantic Unrequited
2974 Relationships Familial Uncle-niece
2992 Relationships Marital As atonement
3086 Relationships Marital Secrecy
3089 Relationships Marital Social respectability
3094 Relationships Marital Wedding
3097 Relationships Marital Honeymoon
3104 Relationships Romantic Sexual
3118 Relationships Marital Death of spouse
3121 Relationships Familial Cohesion
3161 Relationships Familial Great grandfather-grandfather
3185 Relationships Romantic Love at first sight
3191 Relationships Economical Partnership
3224 Relationships Interracial Mammy-child
3274 Relationships Friendship College roommate
3302 Relationships Social Homoerotic
3304 Relationships Social Crowds
3306 Relationships Friendship College companions / classmates
3317 Relationships Familial Interracial
3326 Relationships Interspecies Man-bird
3384 Relationships Marital Arranged
3454 Relationships Romantic Flirtation
3467 Relationships Hierarchical Master-servant
3505 Relationships Familial Childlessness
3557 Relationships Friendship School classmates
3764 Relationships Social Fellow alumni of a college or university
3811 Relationships Sexual Desertion
3837 Relationships Familial Stepparent-child
3895 Relationships Social Club
3904 Relationships Interspecies Man-fox
3937 Relationships Familial Patriarch
3944 Relationships Commercial Doctor-patient
4055 Relationships Marital Jealousy
4058 Relationships Marital Violence
4070 Relationships Familial Competition
4086 Relationships Marital Certificate
4108 Relationships Familial Father-son in law
4125 Relationships Marital Divorce
4126 Relationships Familial Genealogy
4130 Relationships Interracial Prospective

When characters discuss or a character thinks about the possibility of an interracial relationship. SR

4131 Relationships Interracial Siblings
4141 Relationships Marital Breakup
4151 Relationships Marital Reconciliation
4159 Relationships Familial Uncertain relationship
4179 Relationships Sexual Inappropriate
4196 Relationships Marital Entrapment
4201 Relationships Romantic Engagement
4229 Relationships Familial Nepotism
4244 Relationships Interracial As rebellious
4285 Relationships Familial Widower
4307 Relationships Romantic Multiple

I created this term for Gavin Stevens's multiple romantic relationships in Knight's Gambit to capture the emotional rather than sexual nature of his attachments.--LW

4359 Relationships Familial Descendants
4439 Relationships Familial Dynasty
4452 Relationships Familial Favoritism
4455 Relationships Hierarchical Pastor-congregant
4461 Relationships Interspecies Man-fish
4486 Relationships Hierarchical Parent-child
4523 Relationships Sexual Extramarital
4550 Relationships Familial Mother-in-law
4552 Relationships Marital Strife
4620 Relationships Familial Dysfunctional
4638 Relationships Familial Providing for
4692 Relationships Romantic Infidelity
4712 Relationships Marital Re-marriage
4725 Relationships Hierarchical Doctor-patient
4803 Relationships Interspecies Animals preying on humans
4809 Relationships Familial Fratricide
4810 Relationships Interracial Companions
4837 Relationships Familial Mother-infant
4865 Relationships Social Coworker
4867 Relationships Marital Interaction
4876 Relationships Interracial Pseudo-family
4913 Relationships Familial Foster family
4954 Relationships Marital Bachelor
4961 Relationships Social Gang
4969 Relationships Social Social organizations
4974 Relationships Interracial Military
4991 Relationships Marital Loving
5002 Relationships Interspecies Man-deer
5009 Relationships Interspecies Man-bear
5112 Relationships Economical Trustee-ward
5159 Relationships Familial Adoptive
5240 Relationships Familial Blended
5268 Relationships Interspecies Man-cow
5273 Relationships Marital Marriage vs freedom
5281 Relationships Familial Family as shackle
5285 Relationships Familial Support|Neglect
5323 Relationships Institutional Church-Town

Relationship between any of the Churches and the Town in which they are situated. The specific example here is that even though Reverend Schultz and his church found a new clerk to replace Uncle Willy, no one trusted the new stranger.