Term ID Vocabularysort descending Parent Term Description
4078 Actions Perceptual Blurring
4080 Actions Physical Winking
4082 Actions Verbal Banter / small talk
4083 Actions Verbal Responding
4124 Actions Emotional Dementia
4138 Actions Hunting Hounds
4155 Actions Bodily Heart beating
4156 Actions Emotional Humiliation
4160 Actions Perceptual Moment of vision

For moments when a character sees something charged with a sense of wonder or awe - created for the boy seeing the buck in "Race at Morning," but also appropriate for Sarty seeing De Spain's mansion or Ike seeing the bear. SR

4162 Actions Work Barbering
4166 Actions Emotional Possessiveness
4168 Actions Violent Poisoning
4169 Actions Emotional Fascination
4172 Actions Verbal Reticence
4173 Actions Communication Non-human

To capture when an animal "talks" - for example, when the narrator of "Race at Morning" says the lead dog Eagle "said, 'There he goes'" when he saw the deer. Here the narrator translates the dog's baying into words, but that isn't necessary with this term. It's for when communication occurs between species, probably always between an animal and a person. SR

4175 Actions Play Joking around
4182 Actions Bodily Hiccups
4191 Actions Perceptual Observing
4194 Actions Work Traveling salesman
4199 Actions Mental Disorientation
4200 Actions Perceptual Hearing
4213 Actions Communication Censorship
4220 Actions Movement Getting closer

When someone's thoughts during a journey are focused on the place they're heading for, either with excitement or dread or something in between. SR

4223 Actions Interaction, Private Rejection
4225 Actions Play Prank
4227 Actions Interaction, Private Sexual
4231 Actions Violent Homicide
4232 Actions Economic Barter
4234 Actions Economic Receiving money
4238 Actions Emotional Introspective
4245 Actions Bodily Recoiling
4249 Actions Emotional Rebelliousness
4251 Actions Physical Extinguishing fire
4260 Actions Interaction, Social Camaraderie
4263 Actions Movement Ambulance
4291 Actions Communication And deafness
4297 Actions Emotional Self-pity
4299 Actions Violent Explosion
4301 Actions Communication Spanish
4304 Actions Physical Dragging
4305 Actions Verbal Message
4308 Actions Verbal Bless
4310 Actions Emotional Bewilderment
4314 Actions Work Churning butter
4315 Actions Communication Listening
4321 Actions Interaction, Private Coercion
4328 Actions Mental Insight
4334 Actions Emotional Overwhelmed
4336 Actions Domestic Child-rearing
4338 Actions Verbal Daring
4344 Actions Movement Cart
4346 Actions Mental Internal argument
4347 Actions Movement Ship
4355 Actions Emotional Incredulity
4360 Actions Mental Logically reasoning
4370 Actions Mental Calculation
4375 Actions Communication Lack of communication

To be used generally for any instance in which information is suppressed or not passed between individuals. This can apply to individuals sharing the same space or to communication across longer distances. JC

4376 Actions Emotional Disappointment
4383 Actions Emotional Anguish
4384 Actions Military Rescue
4404 Actions Verbal Howling
4405 Actions Verbal Moralizing
4411 Actions Bodily Limping
4413 Actions Violent Airplane crash
4416 Actions Bodily Jumping
4422 Actions Movement Bicycle
4425 Actions Communication Silence
4431 Actions Bodily Work song
4467 Actions Communication Receiving mail
4472 Actions Economic Child support
4473 Actions Economic Asking for money
4485 Actions Moral Fraud
4487 Actions Economic Transactional
4501 Actions Emotional Denial
4521 Actions Economic Saving money
4536 Actions Economic Insurance payment
4548 Actions Verbal Rhetorical question
4571 Actions Legal Will
4576 Actions Interaction, Social Spectate

Whenever a group of people are watching an event unfold. For example, when the soldiers watch Buck and Buddy play cards in the Unvanquished (50). JB

4586 Actions Work Missing work
4587 Actions Communication Engrave
4588 Actions Legal Standing guard
4591 Actions Mental Deduction
4592 Actions Communication Speaking
4598 Actions Legal Exhumation order
4599 Actions Economic Buying timber
4600 Actions Bodily Sleepy
4603 Actions Verbal Social criticism
4605 Actions Work Dismissing from work
4607 Actions Physical Fasting
4608 Actions Bodily Fasting
4609 Actions Interaction, Social Competition
4610 Actions Physical Rescuing
4614 Actions Emotional Disgust
4617 Actions Verbal Flirting
4618 Actions Verbal Praying
4621 Actions Work Waitress
4625 Actions Bodily Defecation
4628 Actions Bodily Alimentary
4629 Actions Bodily Urinating