Term ID Vocabulary Parent Termsort ascending Description
4547 Themes and Motifs Inheritance Property
2979 Actions Legal Pronouncing sentence
2411 Themes and Motifs Naming Promotional
2591 Actions Military Promotion
5242 Themes and Motifs Money Promissory note
1319 Actions Verbal Promising
2298 Cultural Issues Sexuality Promiscuity
2371 Aesthetics Metafictional Projection
2505 Cultural Issues History Prohibition
623 Actions Moral Prohibiting

Here in the general sense of interdiction, forbidding, proscribing - rather than "prohibition," i.e. outlawing alcohol. JW

5500 Cultural Issues Politics Progressive
244 Cultural Issues (First level term) Progress
3886 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Progenitive / Self-reproductive
3979 Themes and Motifs Meaning Profound
4407 Cultural Issues War Profiting from war
1338 Actions Perceptual Professional surveillance
1045 Cultural Issues Class Professional
2291 Aesthetics Language Profanity

Any time a character uses profanity. JB

4032 Actions Movement Procession
1438 Actions Physical Probing
4750 Cultural Issues Law Probate
3865 Themes and Motifs Money Prize value
4222 Cultural Issues War Prisoner
4924 Cultural Issues Technology Printing
2648 Themes and Motifs Character Principle
3699 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Princeton University
3630 Cultural Issues Education Princeton
786 Cultural Issues Education Primary school
1235 Themes and Motifs Character Pride
5340 Cultural Issues Economy Prices
2588 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Priapus
5008 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Priam
3838 Cultural Issues Crime Prevention
3349 Cultural Issues Sexuality Preventing or avoiding sex
3664 Cultural Issues Class Pretension
3762 Themes and Motifs Appearance Pretending / Feigning
1050 Cultural Issues Politics Presidential administration
2429 Themes and Motifs Community Preserving order
2085 Aesthetics Narrative Present-time reference

For when a character switches from past-tense narration (about past events) to refer to the present time and/or how he/she feels "now." -JBP

2507 Aesthetics Style Present tense
4555 Cultural Issues Religion Presbyterian
3518 Themes and Motifs Death Preparing for death
3234 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Prentiss
1188 Cultural Issues Age Premature aging
880 Cultural Issues Sexuality Premarital
441 Cultural Issues (First level term) Prejudice
3007 Cultural Issues Land-Use Prehuman landscape
3008 Themes and Motifs Past Prehistory
3006 Environment Natural Prehistoric forces
564 Cultural Issues Sexuality Pregnant out of wedlock
863 Actions Bodily Pregnancy
4706 Cultural Issues Sexuality Pregnancy
1401 Themes and Motifs Body Pregnancy
2847 Actions Mental Predicting
3379 Actions Verbal Predicting
532 Cultural Issues Economy Predatory practices
816 Themes and Motifs Character Predatory
4180 Cultural Issues Sexuality Predatory
2181 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Precognition / Something to happen

For when a character precognitively senses or says that "something" is going to happen to him/her - e.g., Joe Christmas, Miss Zilphia Gant. JBP

3641 Themes and Motifs Character Precision
3643 Actions Verbal Preaching
3137 Cultural Issues Religion Preacher / Minister
911 Cultural Issues History Pre-World War II issues
636 Environment Time of Day Pre-dawn
5452 Cultural Issues Religion Pre-Christian
4618 Actions Verbal Praying
2706 Actions Moral Praying
2733 Actions Physical Praying
4225 Actions Play Prank
1956 Actions Verbal Praising
3836 Actions Emotional Practicality
2139 Environment Place Power Plant
712 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Power of literature
761 Themes and Motifs Art Power of
2080 Themes and Motifs Character Power
1074 Cultural Issues Class Power
1191 Cultural Issues Economy Poverty
5487 Relationships Romantic Potential
5095 Themes and Motifs Texts Poster
1714 Environment Auditory Postal horn
2461 Relationships Civic Postal carrier-community
5502 Cultural Issues History Post-war society
5548 Cultural Issues History Post-war prosperity
3189 Themes and Motifs Exile Post-war
3405 Environment Public Post office
2891 Actions Communication Post card
1607 Actions Hunting Possum
5303 Themes and Motifs Animals Possum
4166 Actions Emotional Possessiveness
2083 Themes and Motifs Community Posse
2075 Themes and Motifs Objects Portmanteau
2954 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Porter, Fitz-John
4493 Cultural Issues Sexuality Pornography
920 Environment Domestic Space Porch
2197 Themes and Motifs Objects Porcelain
4604 Themes and Motifs Character Popularity
3243 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Popular magazines
5106 Cultural Issues Entertainment Popular literature
5203 Cultural Issues Entertainment Popular culture
3437 Themes and Motifs Community Populace