Term ID Vocabulary Parent Termsort descending Description
4892 Themes and Motifs Determinism Vs human agency
5118 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Vymy Ridge
1194 Cultural Issues Economy Wages
3282 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Wagner, Richard
1040 Themes and Motifs Objects Wagon
497 Actions Movement Wagon
3264 Actions Physical Wagon|Car maintenance
3987 Themes and Motifs Body Waist
2001 Cultural Issues Crime Waistcoat
2854 Actions Emotional Waiting
1616 Actions Hunting Waiting
1879 Actions Physical Waiting
4621 Actions Work Waitress
2846 Themes and Motifs Death Wake

For gatherings of mourners prior to actual, formal funerals - for instance, in The Sound and the Fury on the occasion of Damuddy's death (which most likely is a wake rather than a funeral). -JBP

2180 Actions Bodily Waking
2735 Actions Physical Walking
704 Actions Movement Walking
2833 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Wall Street
1974 Cultural Issues Law Wanted poster

Any paraphernalia used to publicly identify a possible criminal. The example used is from The Reivers, which refers to a "Bertillon chart or a police poster" (3). JB

4676 Cultural Issues Alcohol Wanting a drink
807 Cultural Issues Gender War
812 Cultural Issues Age War
821 Themes and Motifs Absence/Loss War
250 Cultural Issues (First level term) War
2424 Cultural Issues History War of 1812
1712 Cultural Issues War War of 1812
2224 Environment Weather Warmth
1269 Actions Verbal Warning
5216 Actions Legal Warrant
1504 Cultural Issues Law Warrant
3235 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Warsaw
5631 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Wash charges posse
5630 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Wash kills Sutpen
1189 Actions Domestic Washing
630 Actions Physical Washing clothes
658 Actions Work Washing clothes
5254 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Washington Irving
2680 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Washington, D.C.
1123 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Washington, George
4534 Themes and Motifs Money Wasting
633 Themes and Motifs Time Watch
1001 Themes and Motifs Objects Watch
5156 Cultural Issues Clothes Watch chain
4722 Actions Physical Watching
1726 Actions Perceptual Watching
1482 Actions Bodily Watching
627 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Water
3262 Environment Auditory Water
3860 Environment Natural Water moving / flowing
1491 Themes and Motifs Objects Watermelon
4071 Actions Physical Wave / waving
3453 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Weak heart
5166 Actions Bodily Weakness
1044 Cultural Issues Economy Wealth
4372 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Weaponry imagery
341 Environment (First level term) Weather
5293 Actions Work Weaving
5313 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Weber, Joe

Part of the vaudeville comedy duo Weber and Fields. JHB

3094 Relationships Marital Wedding
1666 Themes and Motifs Community Wedding
5620 Cultural Issues Ritual Wedding
1899 Cultural Issues Clothes Wedding dress
1048 Cultural Issues Law Wedding license
669 Themes and Motifs Objects Wedding license
2843 Themes and Motifs Objects Wedding ring
5193 Environment Time of Year Wednesday
3057 Environment Time of Day Wee hours
2996 Environment Olfactory Weed
3965 Environment Natural Weeds
2441 Themes and Motifs Body Weight
3519 Aesthetics Description Weight / Burden
3492 Cultural Issues Government Welfare
1062 Themes and Motifs Objects Well
4558 Environment Place Well|Wellhouse
2143 Cultural Issues Education West Point
5367 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical West Point
622 Aesthetics Diction Western vernacular
4149 Cultural Issues Clothes Wet clothes
3984 Environment Atmospheric Wetness
2470 Themes and Motifs Objects Wheel
5540 Themes and Motifs Objects Wheel chair
1345 Themes and Motifs Futility When will it stop
4647 Actions Verbal Whimper
2482 Actions Violent Whipping
694 Themes and Motifs Animals Whippoorwills
724 Cultural Issues Alcohol Whiskey
1077 Actions Verbal Whispering
3732 Environment Auditory Whistle
5147 Actions Physical Whistling
296 Cultural Issues Slavery White anxiety

For moments in the text which describe anxiety felt by white characters about the presence or possible actions of slaves, as when Loosh's sudden appearance and behavior make Bayard uncomfortable. SR

2811 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical White Citizens' Council
4962 Cultural Issues Race White fear
2401 Cultural Issues Race White race
1007 Cultural Issues Race White savior
2530 Cultural Issues Race White supremacists
572 Cultural Issues Prejudice White supremacy
2513 Cultural Issues Class White trash
946 Relationships Interracial White-black
2409 Cultural Issues Economy White-Indian commerce
5079 Actions Physical Whittling