Term ID Vocabulary Parent Termsort descending Description
2769 Environment Public Train Station/Train depot
4015 Actions Military Training
980 Cultural Issues Progress Trains
1160 Themes and Motifs Inheritance Traits

In the biological sense rather than the legal or economic one: inherited physical, psychological, or moral characteristics. JW

1791 Cultural Issues Gender Traits

Indicates when a particular quality is attributed to a character on the basis of their gender, such as when Miss Belle Worsham is described as possessing "some old, timeless, female affinity for blood and grief" (p. 261) in "Go Down, Moses." BR

3686 Actions Physical Trampling
4819 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity Trans-regional
4487 Actions Economic Transactional
4488 Cultural Issues History Transatlantic migration
795 Themes and Motifs Time Transcended
3212 Actions Communication Transcribing
325 Cultural Issues Slavery Transhistorical
4871 Themes and Motifs Texts Translation
838 Cultural Issues Labor Translation
869 Actions Physical Transporting
2619 Cultural Issues Gender Transsexuality
1921 Themes and Motifs Psychological Trauma
4284 Themes and Motifs Past Traumatic
4841 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Traumatized
3091 Actions Physical Travel
1452 Cultural Issues Global Travel
1549 Themes and Motifs Time Travel back in time
4194 Actions Work Traveling salesman
2213 Cultural Issues Entertainment Traveling show

Any kind of traveling show - the show in "The Sound and the Fury," for instance, or the circus in "Light in August." JBP

3914 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Treadmill
4939 Cultural Issues Crime Treason
4116 Themes and Motifs Money Treasure
4601 Themes and Motifs Texts Treaty
2929 Environment Auditory Tree / leaves
2252 Environment Natural Trees
2253 Environment Olfactory Trees
1443 Actions Physical Trembling
1445 Actions Bodily Trembling
2850 Cultural Issues War Trenches
4262 Cultural Issues Law Trespassing
2523 Actions Legal Trial
511 Cultural Issues Law Trial
3808 Actions Physical Tripping
3336 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Tristan and Isolde
3391 Actions Emotional Triumph
1950 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Triumph
3628 Cultural Issues Hunting and Fishing Trophy
4795 Cultural Issues Hunting and Fishing Trotline
2316 Cultural Issues Clothes Trousseau
4435 Cultural Issues Education Truancy
2048 Actions Movement Truck
1041 Themes and Motifs Objects Truck
1653 Themes and Motifs Objects Trunk
1227 Themes and Motifs Character Trust
5112 Relationships Economical Trustee-ward
591 Themes and Motifs Values Truth/Lies
4704 Themes and Motifs Home Trying to go home
5219 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Trying to kill Gualdres
779 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Trying to say
5122 Environment Time of Year Tuesday
5470 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Tunbridge Wells, England
736 Themes and Motifs Animals Turkey
1626 Actions Hunting Turkey hunting
3989 Actions Physical Turning away
4802 Themes and Motifs Animals Turtles
2417 Relationships Intergenerational Tutor-student
5556 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Tutwiler, Mississippi
5402 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Twenty-One Club
1024 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Twilight
500 Environment Time of Day Twilight
3595 Environment Atmospheric Twinkling
1953 Relationships Familial Twins
4533 Cultural Issues Technology Typewriter
416 Aesthetics (First level term) Typography/Orthography
4079 Cultural Issues War U.S. Army
4050 Cultural Issues Nationality U.S. citizenship
3476 Themes and Motifs Appearance Ugliness
2605 Actions Verbal Ultimatum
1658 Themes and Motifs Objects Umbrella
1422 Cultural Issues Sexuality Unattractiveness
2349 Actions Mental Unaware
1881 Themes and Motifs Memory Uncertain
4159 Relationships Familial Uncertain relationship
575 Actions Mental Uncertainty
4655 Cultural Issues Religion Uncharitable
3528 Cultural Issues Race Uncle as term for black man
2818 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Uncle Remus
2035 Cultural Issues Government Uncle Sam
3697 Cultural Issues Race Uncle Tom
3696 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Uncle Tom's Cabin
2444 Relationships Intergenerational Uncle-nephew
496 Relationships Familial Uncle-nephew
2974 Relationships Familial Uncle-niece
2360 Themes and Motifs Psychological Unconscious
4700 Aesthetics Narrative Under oath
1375 Cultural Issues Clothes Underclothes, female
1374 Cultural Issues Clothes Underclothes, male
933 Aesthetics Typography/Orthography Underlining
981 Actions Mental Understanding
555 Cultural Issues Clothes Undressing
1367 Actions Physical Undressing
5592 Cultural Issues Labor Unemployment
4183 Environment Atmospheric Unfamiliar place

When the action of a story takes someone into a place they've never been before, for example the "strange country" that the chase of the deer reaches in "Race at Morning" (301).

1267 Aesthetics Style Unfinished sentence
3830 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Unicorn