Term ID Vocabulary Parent Termsort descending Description
2054 Cultural Issues Hunting and Fishing Marksmanship
5465 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Marlowe, Christopher
1579 Cultural Issues Segregation Marriage
1581 Relationships Interracial Marriage
310 Cultural Issues Slavery Marriage
323 Cultural Issues Gender Marriage
949 Actions Interaction, Social Marriage
1238 Actions Legal Marriage
3288 Actions Communication Marriage announcement
2641 Actions Verbal Marriage proposal
5273 Relationships Marital Marriage vs freedom
2050 Environment Place Mars
847 Cultural Issues Law Marshal
5476 Cultural Issues Religion Martyrdom
2173 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Mary
1272 Cultural Issues Gender Masculine woman
585 Cultural Issues Gender Masculinity
679 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Mask
2798 Cultural Issues Religion Mason

Although the Masons are explicitly not a religion, as a secret fraternal order they do represent a belief system. I have placed them under religion for the time being, until we figure out a better place. JB

3619 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Mason and Dixon Line
2568 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Masons
751 Cultural Issues Race Masquerade

I created "Masquerade" to address Lucas’s dissimulation with Roth Edmonds, the inscrutability of his racial performance. JW

438 Cultural Issues (First level term) Mass Media
3610 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Massachusetts
1551 Relationships Interracial Master-servant
3467 Relationships Hierarchical Master-servant
1594 Relationships Hierarchical Master-slave
1912 Relationships Interracial Master-slave
2971 Cultural Issues Agriculture Matched team of horses or mules
3607 Actions Movement Matching / Paralleling
4278 Themes and Motifs Objects Matchstick
871 Themes and Motifs Absence/Loss Material
473 Cultural Issues (First level term) Materialism
1365 Cultural Issues Gender Maternal impulse
4457 Themes and Motifs Meaning Maternity
1306 Cultural Issues Age Maturing
1107 Themes and Motifs Character Maturity
2659 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Mausoleum
1976 Environment Time of Year May
4289 Themes and Motifs Meaning Maybe as concept
5072 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes McCarron ambushed
723 Environment Place McCaslin-Edmonds plantation
5670 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical McClellan, George B.
3231 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical McLaurin
381 Themes and Motifs (First level term) Meaning
5407 Themes and Motifs Money Meaning of
2378 Themes and Motifs Meaning Meaninglessness
2924 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Measles
3515 Themes and Motifs Time Measuring time
2674 Cultural Issues Food Meat
2061 Actions Work Mechanic
2718 Themes and Motifs Objects Medal
3751 Actions Physical Meddling
413 Aesthetics (First level term) Media
2622 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Mediation

Used to describe the state of being mediated, especially a relationship where the perceiver looks upon or through a medium. JC

2397 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Medical / Surgical
1296 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Medical advice
2037 Environment Place Medical practice

Any place where "doctoring" is practiced whether that is formal, as with Peabody, or more informal. JB

4266 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Medical treatment
3254 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Medicine
4498 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Medicine aspirin
3680 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Medicine camphor
2103 Aesthetics Genre Conventions Melodrama
460 Themes and Motifs (First level term) Memory
589 Environment Place Memphis
5421 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Memphis Junction
2372 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Memphis, Tennessee
805 Themes and Motifs Absence/Loss Men
638 Cultural Issues Gender Men vs women
5134 Actions Domestic Mending
5369 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Menelaus
529 Cultural Issues Labor Menial
5174 Actions Bodily Menstruation
3945 Cultural Issues Gender Menstruation / menstrual cycle
348 Actions (First level term) Mental
4339 Themes and Motifs Body Mental disability
1521 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Mental illness
721 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Mental limitations
806 Relationships Intergenerational Mentor-disciple
1262 Cultural Issues Education Mentorship
1263 Relationships Social Mentorship
1264 Relationships Familial Mentorship
1108 Cultural Issues War Mercenary
3032 Aesthetics Metafictional Merging history and fiction
5474 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Mesopotamia
4305 Actions Verbal Message
4532 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Messalina
1502 Actions Communication Messenger

Whenever someone comes to deliver a message verbally in person.

484 Aesthetics (First level term) Metafictional
4118 Themes and Motifs Objects Metal detector
1030 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Metaphor
281 Cultural Issues Slavery Metaphorical

Used to flag the passages in which a narrator or a non-enslaved character uses "slavery" metaphorically, to describe something else. Lucas Burch, for instance, complains that his job at the planing mill has him "slaving all day." SR

1324 Themes and Motifs Animals Metaphorical elephant
3509 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Metaphysics
4909 Environment Atmospheric Meteor shower
2106 Cultural Issues Religion Methodism
2130 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Metonym
2861 Cultural Issues War Mexican
5351 Cultural Issues History Mexican Rebellion
4380 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Mexico