Term ID Vocabulary Parent Termsort descending Description
4628 Actions Bodily Alimentary
2017 Aesthetics Typography/Orthography All caps
5450 Aesthetics Language All right, all right, all right
2872 Cultural Issues Gender All-male space
1147 Relationships Marital Alleged
2014 Environment Public Alley
3010 Themes and Motifs Animals Alligators
1095 Aesthetics (First level term) Allusion, Biblical
1096 Aesthetics (First level term) Allusion, Geographical
406 Aesthetics (First level term) Allusion, Historical
1097 Aesthetics (First level term) Allusion, Literary
1098 Aesthetics (First level term) Allusion, Mythical
5249 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Alma Tadema
3448 Themes and Motifs Absence/Loss Aloneness

As in the "aloneness" Addie Bundren seeks to have violated in As I Lay Dying. EKP

2936 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Alps
4065 Cultural Issues Identity, Personal Alter ego / other self
3215 Aesthetics Narrative Alternative story
2031 Actions Emotional Amazement
1572 Actions Perceptual Ambiguity
1692 Aesthetics Interpretation Ambiguity
485 Aesthetics (First level term) Ambiguity
1693 Cultural Issues Identity, Personal Ambiguous
4747 Themes and Motifs Death Ambiguous circumstances
635 Cultural Issues Class Ambition
538 Themes and Motifs Character Ambitious
2346 Actions Emotional Ambivalence
4263 Actions Movement Ambulance
3192 Cultural Issues Violence Ambush
898 Actions Physical Ambush
328 Cultural Issues Slavery Amelioration

To mark passages where white slave owners make some attempt to improve the condition of the slaves they own; the clearest example is way Buck and Buddy McCaslin treat their slaves. SR

1730 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity America and opportunity
3096 Cultural Issues Identity, Cultural America vs Europe
3195 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity American
1257 Cultural Issues Nationality American
3345 Cultural Issues History American historical myths
2423 Cultural Issues History American Revolution
1711 Cultural Issues War American Revolution
3359 Cultural Issues Materialism Americana
2812 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Americans for Democratic Action
4219 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Amiens, France
3958 Environment Olfactory Ammonia
5519 Themes and Motifs Character Amoral
3257 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Amputation
4113 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Amsterdam
1479 Cultural Issues Religion Amulet
3258 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Anaesthetic
5397 Cultural Issues Identity, Personal Ancestral
397 Relationships (First level term) Ancestral
2236 Themes and Motifs Objects Anchovies
1990 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Ancient Greek Chorus
5466 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Ancient Greeks
5587 Cultural Issues Clothes And age
4741 Themes and Motifs Determinism And an animal
3060 Themes and Motifs Naming And caste
4950 Themes and Motifs Time And change
5377 Themes and Motifs Art And civilization
4426 Cultural Issues Clothes And class
4857 Cultural Issues Religion And class
4291 Actions Communication And deafness
4740 Aesthetics Ambiguity And detective plot
5011 Cultural Issues Clothes And gender
5551 Cultural Issues Identity, Cultural And gender
4760 Cultural Issues Clothes And identity
4428 Themes and Motifs Death And inheritance
5443 Cultural Issues Gender And marriage
3193 Themes and Motifs Past And monuments
5375 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity And nationality
2410 Cultural Issues Law And progress
3178 Cultural Issues Slavery And progress
5456 Cultural Issues Politics And race
5006 Actions Hunting And race
5013 Cultural Issues Crime And race
1727 Cultural Issues Clothes And race
5520 Cultural Issues Economy And racism
4696 Cultural Issues Gender And religion
1295 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Anemia
1526 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Angel
823 Actions Emotional Anger
2447 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity Anglophile
4383 Actions Emotional Anguish
3959 Environment Olfactory Animal / stable
799 Actions Violent Animal abuse
2902 Actions Violent Animal attack on human
2082 Themes and Motifs Death Animal bear
5512 Cultural Issues Food Animal crackers
2073 Themes and Motifs Death Animal Dog
2910 Themes and Motifs Death Animal horse
4535 Themes and Motifs Death Animal mule
1834 Actions Violent Animal predatory behavior
3277 Actions Non-human Animal senses
364 Themes and Motifs (First level term) Animals
5616 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Animals compared to objects
2222 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Animals compared to people
4803 Relationships Interspecies Animals preying on humans
2270 Aesthetics Description Animate/Inanimate
1866 Actions Verbal Announcing
4064 Actions Emotional Annoyed
1633 Cultural Issues Hunting and Fishing Annual
4847 Themes and Motifs Texts Anthropological
5504 Cultural Issues Prejudice Anti-Asian