Vocabulary: Environment
Term ID Term Parent Description
5258 Gambling house Place
2281 Garage Domestic Space

Any structure used for the storage of a motor vehicle. In The Reivers this is continuously referred to as the "carriage house", but since it is now an automobile that it houses, I am calling it a garage. This might be more useful for scholars than carriage house. JB

1475 Garden Domestic Space
1777 Gas station Place
2063 Gasoline Olfactory
1019 Gate Domestic Space
4667 Gate Place
654 Gender stereotype Domestic Space
3205 Ghetto Place
1908 Gloom Atmospheric
2215 Golf course Public
2925 Grass Natural
1818 Grave Place
2449 Graveyard Place
3889 Grayness Atmospheric
4059 Greenbury hotel Place
896 Grocery Place
4862 Gunpowder Olfactory
1476 Hall Domestic Space
4681 Hallucinated Atmospheric
5244 Harvest Time of Year
3947 Harvest moon Atmospheric
5104 Haunted Atmospheric
1412 Haunting Auditory
4843 Haystack Place
1325 Heartbeat Auditory
1501 Hearth Domestic Space
1065 Heat Atmospheric
1784 Heat Weather
3849 Hellfire Otherworldly
1255 Highway Public
1175 Hills Natural
4957 History Place

I created this keyword to depict when a history of a specific location is given whether it is the jail in Jefferson or the McCaslin planation. JJ

3988 Hog / pig pen Olfactory
3985 Hogwallow Domestic Space
832 Home Domestic Space
3910 Hoofbeats Auditory
1348 Hospital Place
1993 Hotel Place
2430 Hotel kitchen Place
4429 House Olfactory
4902 House Domestic Space
3898 Houses Place
4794 Hovel Place
1480 Howling Auditory
757 Hunting camps Place
3817 Hunting horn Auditory
2045 Hunting season Time of Year
5287 Ice Weather
3603 Ice floes / iceberg Atmospheric
3962 Immigrant neighborhood Domestic Space
4946 Indian agency Place
4021 Indian mound Place
4782 Indian Summer Time of Year
2498 Industry Auditory
2927 Insect sounds Auditory
3683 Ivy Natural
892 Jail Place
1399 Jail Public
2916 January Time of Year
878 Jefferson Place
1958 July Time of Year
1690 July Fourth Time of Year
1764 June Time of Year
3208 Juneteenth Time of Year
3816 Kerosene lantern Olfactory
578 Kitchen Domestic Space
2935 Ladies parlor Domestic Space
1075 Laid-by season Time of Year
1813 Landmark Natural

This term can be used for natural phenomena used as a landmark. (Added for the Gum Tree -- capitalized in the text -- used in "Lion" and related texts like "The Bear.")

1410 Lane Place
4616 Lavatory Public
4653 Lavatory Place
3899 Lawns Place
3846 Leaf / leaves Natural
2814 Lean-to Domestic Space
733 Library Place
789 Library Domestic Space
3821 Lichen / fungi Natural
728 Light Atmospheric
2010 Livery stable Place
4773 Livestock pen Domestic Space
2485 Locust Olfactory
2548 Loft Domestic Space
1181 Log house Domestic Space
2760 Log yard Domestic Space
2157 Lonelier parts of town Place

Term for when a text makes reference to parts of town with fewer people or streets -- outskirts, edge of town, "less frequented" (as in "Miss Zilphia Gant"), and so forth. JBP

1488 Lot Domestic Space
2012 Lot Place
3948 Lunar month / cycle Time of Year
2555 Lunch Time of Day
1199 March Time of Year
2050 Mars Place
1976 May Time of Year
723 McCaslin-Edmonds plantation Place
2037 Medical practice Place

Any place where "doctoring" is practiced whether that is formal, as with Peabody, or more informal. JB

589 Memphis Place
4909 Meteor shower Atmospheric
5170 Mid-week Time of Year
3690 Midday Time of Day