Vocabulary: Relationships
Term ID Term Parentsort ascending Description
3104 Sexual Romantic
3185 Love at first sight Romantic
3454 Flirtation Romantic
4201 Engagement Romantic
4307 Multiple Romantic

I created this term for Gavin Stevens's multiple romantic relationships in Knight's Gambit to capture the emotional rather than sexual nature of his attachments.--LW

4692 Infidelity Romantic
5487 Potential Romantic
Vocabulary: Cultural Issues
Term ID Term Parentsort ascending Description
758 Hunting Ritual
1628 Initiation Ritual
1632 Funeral Ritual
2199 Funeral arrangements Ritual
2209 Birthday Ritual
2395 Dueling Ritual
2751 Commemoration Ritual
3529 Christmas gift game Ritual
3542 Christmas holiday traditions Ritual
3702 Holiday Ritual
3716 Sati or suttee Ritual
4406 Visit Ritual
4468 Easter Ritual
4737 Civic Ritual
4805 Cemetery decorations Ritual
5092 Drinking Ritual
5447 Holiday dinner Ritual
5620 Wedding Ritual
961 Godhead Religion
1471 Bible Religion
1479 Amulet Religion
1592 Totem Religion
1641 Baptist Religion
1642 Episcopal Religion
1780 Sin Religion
1929 Institutional Religion
1935 Sabbath Religion
1971 Piety Religion
2106 Methodism Religion
2137 Challenge Religion

When characters actively set themselves at odds with a religious deity or institution, such as when Jewel in AILD gripes, "if there is a God what the hell is He for." EP

2347 African American Religion

Religion with regard to either African-Americans or the African-American community. The particular example here is of Lucius Priest in the The Reivers who imagines a "Negro" sermonizing about a moral decision. R 61.8. JB

2456 Social welfare as substitute Religion
2775 Chistian Scientist Religion
2798 Mason Religion

Although the Masons are explicitly not a religion, as a secret fraternal order they do represent a belief system. I have placed them under religion for the time being, until we figure out a better place. JB

2807 Islam Religion
2808 Catholicism Religion
3009 Deist Religion
3074 Religious faith Religion
3102 Relationship with God Religion
3109 Divine judgment Religion
3137 Preacher / Minister Religion
3273 Religious art or iconography Religion
3298 Church service Religion
3328 Damnation Religion
3331 Resurrection Religion
3612 God Religion
3613 Sacrilege Religion
3614 God with human characteristics Religion

For when God is described as human-like -- added for when Quentin said God is "not only a gentleman and a sport; he is a Kentuckian too." JBP

3715 Hinduism Religion
3876 Apotheosis Religion
4254 Rituals and rites Religion
4354 Voodoo Religion
4453 Free Will Religion
4454 camp meeting Religion
4456 Heresy Religion
4458 Blessing Religion
4463 Consolation Religion
4515 Christianity Religion
4517 Sermon Religion
4554 Judaism Religion
4555 Presbyterian Religion
4556 Atheism Religion
4596 Communion Religion
4655 Uncharitable Religion
4684 Hymns Religion
4753 Lay preacher Religion
4771 Providence Religion
4820 Forgiveness Religion
4857 And class Religion
4858 Revelation Religion
5003 Race Religion
5103 Folk superstition Religion
5153 Fanaticism Religion
5288 Sunday school Religion
5322 Rebirth Religion

Rebirth as either a goal or a result of Christianity. In this particular case, Uncle Willy's church wants him to be reborn in "Uncle Willy". (232

5358 Sect Religion
5383 Baptism Religion
5452 Pre-Christian Religion
5476 Martyrdom Religion
5560 Redemption Religion
5561 Salvation Religion
948 Lost Cause Region
1155 The South Region

When a narrator or character explicitly foregrounds the region as distinctive, problematic, or otherwise noteworthy. JW

1219 Hospitality Region
1574 The West Region
1582 North Region
1652 Reconstruction Region
2712 Rural South Region
4830 Hapless Yankees Region
5182 New England Region
Vocabulary: Themes and Motifs
Term ID Term Parentsort ascending Description
609 Door Recurring Tropes
779 Trying to say Recurring Tropes
785 Going to Texas Recurring Tropes