Vocabulary: Themes and Motifs
Term ID Term Parentsort descending Description
1709 Newspapers Texts
4668 Note Texts
5259 Notice Texts
3092 Novel Texts
4045 Plat Texts
5004 Poetry Texts
5095 Poster Texts
4650 School book Texts
3000 Telegram Texts
4132 Title Texts
4871 Translation Texts
4601 Treaty Texts
4572 Will Texts
2880 Abrupt shift in time Time

For when a narrative makes an abrupt or unexpected shift in time - as in Benjy's narrative in S&F.

4950 And change Time
2749 Anticipation Time
3312 Awareness of time Time
3166 Being in time Time

Added to mark those moments when Quentin Compson explicitly refers to being "in" time -- subject to it, existing within it and unable to stop or evade its progression. This is opposite of course to those moments when he is "outside" of time and all that entails. JBP

3294 Being late / tardiness Time
3293 Being on time / punctuality Time
3167 Being outside of time Time
2013 Continuity Time

Any time the past is consonant with the present, or a tradition is passed on. For example, the Hampton's being Sheriffs is a historical continuity. JB

4281 Cyclical Time
3513 Duration of time Time
1932 Frozen / Static Time
2051 Future Time
2304 Just in time Time

Whenever a character arrives or performs an action, or event happens "just in time" or in the "nick of time." That is, there is narrative anticipation for time running out, but things are saved at the last moment. JB

1812 Living in the present Time

Added to describe Boon Hogganbeck at end of "Lion" (and related texts like "The Bear" in GDM) - someone "living in the moment," with no regard at all to the past.

2158 Long passage of time Time

Perhaps self-evident, but for when a text makes a huge jump in time very quickly -- Zilphia Gant sitting beside the window "for twelve years," for instance. JBP

4368 Lost time Time
3515 Measuring time Time
521 Past Time
2600 Permanence Time
2907 Return to present time Time
3463 Routine Time
1995 Running out Time
2964 Series of events experienced as long duration Time
4366 Simultaneity of time Time
3346 Timelessness Time
2527 Town clock Time
795 Transcended Time
1549 Travel back in time Time
4294 Unsynchronized clocks Time
633 Watch Time
2874 Working day Time
Vocabulary: Environment
Term ID Term Parentsort descending Description
1022 Afternoon Time of Day
2714 Breakfast Time of Day
698 Dawn Time of Day
1856 Daybreak Time of Day
2069 Daytime Time of Day
1433 Dinner Time of Day
1060 Dusk Time of Day
5195 Eight o'clock a.m. Time of Day
5131 Eight o'clock p.m. Time of Day
4787 Eleven o'clock Time of Day
5149 Eleven o'clock p.m. Time of Day
2484 Evening Time of Day
5633 Five o'clock p.m. Time of Day
5684 Four o'clock a.m. Time of Day
5198 Four o'clock p.m. Time of Day
2555 Lunch Time of Day
3690 Midday Time of Day
614 Midnight Time of Day
5641 Monday Time of Day
559 Monday morning Time of Day
492 Morning Time of Day
687 Night Time of Day
5639 Nine o'clock a.m. Time of Day
4184 Nine o'clock p.m. Time of Day
747 Noon Time of Day
3870 One o'clock p.m. Time of Day
636 Pre-dawn Time of Day
5640 Saturday Time of Day
5636 Saturday evening Time of Day
5132 Saturday morning Time of Day
4415 Saturday night Time of Day
5145 Seven o'clock p.m. Time of Day
5675 Six o'clock p.m. Time of Day
5676 Six o'clock p.m. Time of Day
4808 Sunday Time of Day
2710 Sunday morning Time of Day
5191 Sunrise Time of Day
1220 Sunset Time of Day
706 Supper Time of Day
3472 Tea Time of Day
3310 Ten o'clock a.m. Time of Day
5148 Ten o'clock p.m. Time of Day
5194 Three o'clock a.m. Time of Day
500 Twilight Time of Day
5664 Two o'clock a.m. Time of Day
5638 Two o'clock p.m. Time of Day
3057 Wee hours Time of Day
1855 April Time of Year
5320 April Fool's Time of Year
3691 August Time of Year
5246 Between harvesting and planting Time of Year
5241 Between planting and harvesting Time of Year
1197 Christmas Time of Year
2344 Christmas Eve Time of Year
4850 Christmas, figuratively Time of Year

Any time someone refers to Christmas in relation to it being a particularly auspicious day. In this case, it is being used by "Uncle Willy" to describe when he'll be in California (242). JB