Vocabulary: Aesthetics
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
5042 First settlers arrive Recurring Episodes
5043 Indian removal Recurring Episodes
5044 Sartoris raises regiment Recurring Episodes
5045 Sartoris deposed Recurring Episodes
5046 Battle of Jefferson Recurring Episodes
5047 Etching name on window Recurring Episodes
5048 Buck and Buddy's experiment Recurring Episodes
5049 Ringo whips Ab Recurring Episodes
5050 Rider in jail Recurring Episodes
5051 Nancy confronts white man Recurring Episodes
5052 Sutpen's arrival Recurring Episodes
5053 Boon shoots Negro Recurring Episodes
5054 General Compson's military record Recurring Episodes
5055 Byron Snopes' children Recurring Episodes
5056 Architect captured Recurring Episodes
5057 Sutpen rejects KKK Recurring Episodes
5058 Confederate monument unveiled Recurring Episodes
5059 Jefferson's first car Recurring Episodes
5060 Flem and Eula marry Recurring Episodes
5061 Looking upon evil Recurring Episodes
5062 Temple leaves train Recurring Episodes
5063 Driving to Goodwin's Recurring Episodes
5064 Temple at Goodwin's Recurring Episodes
5065 Temple at Reba's Recurring Episodes
5066 Temple testifying Recurring Episodes
5067 Popeye's execution Recurring Episodes
5068 Henry kills Bon Recurring Episodes
5069 De Spain creates camp Recurring Episodes
5070 Houston murdered Recurring Episodes
5071 Eula's medallion unveiled Recurring Episodes
5072 McCarron ambushed Recurring Episodes
5073 Caddy's wedding Recurring Episodes
5074 Caddy's marriage ends Recurring Episodes
5075 Ikkemotubbe becomes "Doom" Recurring Episodes
5076 Quentin's suicide Recurring Episodes
5077 Ab's war wound Recurring Episodes
5078 Sartoris escapes Yankees Recurring Episodes
5081 Year 1861 Allusion, Historical
5082 Battle of Resaca Allusion, Historical
5083 Tallahatchie River Allusion, Geographical
5084 Livy Allusion, Literary
5085 Cataline / Catiline Allusion, Literary
5086 Satire Language
5090 Commandments Allusion, Biblical
5097 Parable Genre Conventions
5100 Harlem Allusion, Geographical
5107 Fielding, Henry Allusion, Literary
5108 Forever Amber Allusion, Literary
5109 Tom Jones Allusion, Literary
5110 Jurgen Allusion, Literary
5111 Smith, Thorne Allusion, Literary
5116 Argonne Allusion, Historical
5117 Chateau-Thierry Allusion, Historical
5118 Vymy Ridge Allusion, Historical
5119 Fitzgerald, F. Scott Allusion, Literary
Vocabulary: Actions
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
5079 Whittling Physical
5080 Flat tire Movement
5087 Debating Verbal
5093 Exposure Interaction, Social
5094 Disfigurement Violent
5096 Performance Work
5102 Dowsing Perceptual
5120 Squatting Physical
5121 Knowing Mental
5125 Photography Work
5126 Note Communication
5127 Confusion Mental
5128 Dread Emotional
5129 Deciding Mental
5133 Asphyxiation Violent
5134 Mending Domestic
5135 Cutting Physical
5136 Standing Bodily
5140 Starting fire Physical
5141 Stretching Bodily
Vocabulary: Cultural Issues
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
5088 Archaeology History
5089 Academia Education
5092 Drinking Ritual
5101 Sales contract Economy
5103 Folk superstition Religion
5105 Racialized Progress
5106 Popular literature Entertainment
5113 Trade school Education
Vocabulary: Themes and Motifs
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
5091 Interpretation Meaning
5095 Poster Texts
5098 Hubris Character
5114 Gendered Determinism
5123 Income Inheritance
5137 Naked Body
5138 Shaving brush Objects
5139 Magazine Objects
Vocabulary: Environment
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
5099 Peaceful Atmospheric
5104 Haunted Atmospheric
5115 Confederate Decoration Day Time of Year
5122 Tuesday Time of Year
5124 Study Domestic Space
5130 Sheriff's office Place
5131 Eight o'clock p.m. Time of Day
5132 Saturday morning Time of Day
Vocabulary: Relationships
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
5112 Trustee-ward Economical