Vocabulary: Environment
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
4840 Military camp Place
4843 Haystack Place
4850 Christmas, figuratively Time of Year

Any time someone refers to Christmas in relation to it being a particularly auspicious day. In this case, it is being used by "Uncle Willy" to describe when he'll be in California (242). JB

4862 Gunpowder Olfactory
4873 Commisary Place
4874 Newspaper office Place
4893 Familiar Atmospheric
4897 Tent Place
4898 Boat Auditory
4901 Spiritual Atmospheric
4902 House Domestic Space
4909 Meteor shower Atmospheric
Vocabulary: Cultural Issues
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
4841 Traumatized Health and Illness
4845 Yankee uniform Clothes
4849 Savagism Cultural Identity
4851 Family role Identity, Personal
4852 Re-arrangements during War Slavery
4857 And class Religion
4858 Revelation Religion
4863 Baking contest Entertainment
4864 Scarcity Food
4869 Urban Clothes
4875 Market gardening Agriculture
4877 Numbers Crime
4880 Racial solidarity Group Mentality
4881 Political solidarity Group Mentality
4885 Heritage Identity, Cultural
4888 Big Bottom Migration
4891 Rules Hunting and Fishing
4896 Manipulative Sexuality
4907 Livestock Agriculture
4908 French nobility Class
4911 Refugee War
4916 Indian / Native American wars War
4924 Printing Technology
4927 Jacobite Rebellion War
4929 Tartan Clothes
4930 Scottish / Scots Ethnicity
4934 English / British Nationality
4935 Burr conspiracy History
4938 Sedition Crime
4939 Treason Crime
Vocabulary: Actions
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
4842 Reinterpretation Mental
4844 Killing Violent
4846 Mutilation Violent
4855 Being pursued Physical
4859 Expecting Emotional
4866 Dismissal Work
4883 Panic Emotional
4889 Stopping Movement
4906 Reading landscape Hunting
4920 Badgering Verbal
4923 Rationing Economic
4940 Conspiracy Interaction, Social
Vocabulary: Themes and Motifs
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
4847 Anthropological Texts
4853 Cash Money
4854 Hidden Money
4856 Cooperation Community
4860 Drawing Texts
4861 Stubborn Character
4870 Straightened hair Body
4871 Translation Texts
4872 Driven away Exile
4878 Genetic Determinism
4884 Not remember Memory
4886 Suspicious Death
4892 Vs human agency Determinism
4894 Historical wrong Past
4895 Inheritance of wrong Inheritance
4903 Purity Character
4905 Killing first deer/marked with blood Recurring Tropes
4910 Year the stars fell Recurring Tropes

Added to refer to Faulkner's reference in at least two texts to 1833, "the year the stars fell" (in Appendix and in Go Down, Moses). Seems to refer to an actual historical event of a massive meteor shower that year which many interpreted as an omen, possibly even of end of times. Here is one article referencing the event: JBP

4917 Indomitable Character
4918 Explaining Story-telling
4919 Hunting Story-telling
4933 Left for dead Death
Vocabulary: Aesthetics
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
4848 Borneo Allusion, Geographical
4868 Disruption Narrative
4882 Shared humanity Symbolism
4887 Cage Symbolism
4890 Heart of Darkness Intertextuality
4899 Northern dialect Diction
4900 Indianapolis, Indiana Allusion, Geographical
4904 Rebirth Symbolism
4912 Scotland Allusion, Geographical
4914 Oklahoma Allusion, Geographical
4915 Jackson, Andrew Allusion, Historical
4921 Background Narrative
4922 snicksnicksnick... Language
4925 Glasgow, Scotland Allusion, Geographical
4926 Perth Highlands, Scotland Allusion, Geographical
4928 Battle of Culloden Moor Allusion, Historical
4931 Tarleton, Banastre Allusion, Historical
4932 Boone, Daniel Allusion, Historical
4936 Wilkinson, James Allusion, Historical
4937 Spain Allusion, Geographical
Vocabulary: Relationships
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
4865 Coworker Social
4867 Interaction Marital
4876 Pseudo-family Interracial
4913 Foster family Familial