Vocabulary: Environment
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
4540 Smoke Olfactory
4558 Well|Wellhouse Place
4613 Decayed plantation Place
4616 Lavatory Public
4623 Bedroom Place
Vocabulary: Cultural Issues
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
4541 Banana Food
4542 Ham Food
4543 Lawsuit Law
4549 Contract Law
4551 Lawyers Law
4553 Polio Health and Illness
4554 Judaism Religion
4555 Presbyterian Religion
4556 Atheism Religion
4557 Playing cards Entertainment
4561 Glorification War
4566 Stereotype lower intelligence Race
4574 Collective exploitation Land-Use

This is in reference to the system of governance Uncle Buck and Buddy setup on the McCaslin plantation with black and white working side side-by-side in large cooperative referenced in the Unvanquished (48-49). A similar system is enacted by Brother Goodhay in the Mansion. JB

4578 Horse theft Crime
4581 Insurance Economy
4584 Stereotype Superstitious Race
4589 Subverting a stereotype Race
4590 Inverting a stereotype Race
4593 Car theft Crime
4594 Grave robbing Crime
4595 Innocence Crime
4596 Communion Religion
4597 Abstinence Alcohol
4602 Territory Law
4622 Male rivalry Gender
4624 Sexual Violence
4630 Pain Health and Illness
4634 Rape Crime
4635 Double standard Gender
4636 Behaving/becoming "black" Race

This tag is used when a white character's appearance or behavior is associated with "blackness." Examples: when Jason Compson says in The Sound and the Fury that Miss Quentin's promiscuous behavior means she is "acting like a nigger" (181) or when Vardaman Bundren notes how his brother Cash's injured foot and his brother Jewel's burned back are turning black, "like a nigger's foot" or back (224). The trope isn't simply descriptive: it implies a loss of status, a threat to one's racial identity.

4637 Music Entertainment
4639 Public telephone Technology
Vocabulary: Themes and Motifs
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
4544 Humility Character
4545 Stupid Character
4547 Property Inheritance
4559 Silverware Objects
4562 Cannon (First level term)
4563 Cannon Objects
4567 Soap Objects
4572 Will Texts
4573 Denial Psychological
4601 Treaty Texts
4604 Popularity Character
4606 Persistence Character
4619 Rationalizing Psychological
4626 Military equipment Objects
Vocabulary: Aesthetics
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
4546 Samson Allusion, Biblical
4560 Virginia Allusion, Geographical
4564 Carolina Allusion, Geographical
4565 Shhhh Language
4568 Coolidge, Calvin Allusion, Historical
4569 Smith, Al Allusion, Historical
4570 Barnes, Djuna Allusion, Literary
4575 Battle of Second Manassas Allusion, Historical
4577 Cockrum Allusion, Geographical
4579 Spanish-American War Allusion, Historical
4580 Italy Allusion, Geographical
4582 Lao Tse (Laozi) Allusion, Literary
4583 Hawkhurst Allusion, Geographical
4585 Atlanta, Georgia Allusion, Geographical
4611 Solomon Allusion, Biblical
4612 Cyclical Narrative
4615 Home Sweet Home Allusion, Literary
4627 Baby talk Language
4632 Sacrificial Animal Allusion, Biblical
4633 eeeeeeeeeeeeeee Language
Vocabulary: Actions
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
4548 Rhetorical question Verbal
4571 Will Legal
4576 Spectate Interaction, Social

Whenever a group of people are watching an event unfold. For example, when the soldiers watch Buck and Buddy play cards in the Unvanquished (50). JB

4586 Missing work Work
4587 Engrave Communication
4588 Standing guard Legal
4591 Deduction Mental
4592 Speaking Communication
4598 Exhumation order Legal
4599 Buying timber Economic
4600 Sleepy Bodily
4603 Social criticism Verbal
4605 Dismissing from work Work
4607 Fasting Physical
4608 Fasting Bodily
4609 Competition Interaction, Social
4610 Rescuing Physical
4614 Disgust Emotional
4617 Flirting Verbal
4618 Praying Verbal
4621 Waitress Work
4625 Defecation Bodily
4628 Alimentary Bodily
4629 Urinating Bodily
4631 Joking Communication
Vocabulary: Relationships
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
4550 Mother-in-law Familial
4552 Strife Marital
4620 Dysfunctional Familial
4638 Providing for Familial