Vocabulary: Aesthetics
Term ID Term Parentsort ascending Description
746 Nostalgic Tone
2743 Overwrought Tone

This label is as subjective as it is possibly contentious, yet I have created for those instances in which the tone appears too highfalutin, philosophical, or otherwise "fancy" in relation to the subject matter at hand. The specific example, is from The Reivers when Lucius Priest constantly reflects on his younger self in mock-epic fashion to describe his battles with "Virtue". JB

1361 Sarcastic Tone
2660 Shift Tone
Vocabulary: Environment
Term ID Term Parentsort ascending Description
1855 April Time of Year
5320 April Fool's Time of Year
3691 August Time of Year
5246 Between harvesting and planting Time of Year
5241 Between planting and harvesting Time of Year
1197 Christmas Time of Year
2344 Christmas Eve Time of Year
4850 Christmas, figuratively Time of Year

Any time someone refers to Christmas in relation to it being a particularly auspicious day. In this case, it is being used by "Uncle Willy" to describe when he'll be in California (242). JB

5115 Confederate Decoration Day Time of Year
693 Corn planting time Time of Year
774 December Time of Year
4504 Easter Time of Year
544 Fall Time of Year
1229 February Time of Year
2040 Friday Time of Year
5244 Harvest Time of Year
2045 Hunting season Time of Year
4782 Indian Summer Time of Year
2916 January Time of Year
1958 July Time of Year
1690 July Fourth Time of Year
1764 June Time of Year
3208 Juneteenth Time of Year
1075 Laid-by season Time of Year
3948 Lunar month / cycle Time of Year
1199 March Time of Year
1976 May Time of Year
5170 Mid-week Time of Year
4147 Monday Time of Year
3710 Month of brides Time of Year
1503 New Year Time of Year
1608 November Time of Year
2731 October Time of Year
2306 Planting time Time of Year
1053 Quail season Time of Year
1757 Saturday Time of Year
2787 September Time of Year
551 Spring Time of Year
611 Summer Time of Year
1752 Sunday Time of Year

This should probably go under day of the week in col. 2, but it does not exist. My thinking is that there might be days that are more pronounced in Faulkner, notably the Sabbath and Wednesday prayer. The specific example is from Monk.

3210 Thanksgiving Time of Year
3163 Thursday Time of Year
5122 Tuesday Time of Year
5357 Valentine's Day Time of Year
5193 Wednesday Time of Year
773 Winter Time of Year
1022 Afternoon Time of Day
2714 Breakfast Time of Day
698 Dawn Time of Day
1856 Daybreak Time of Day
2069 Daytime Time of Day
1433 Dinner Time of Day
1060 Dusk Time of Day
5195 Eight o'clock a.m. Time of Day
5131 Eight o'clock p.m. Time of Day
4787 Eleven o'clock Time of Day
5149 Eleven o'clock p.m. Time of Day
2484 Evening Time of Day
5633 Five o'clock p.m. Time of Day
5684 Four o'clock a.m. Time of Day
5198 Four o'clock p.m. Time of Day
2555 Lunch Time of Day
3690 Midday Time of Day
614 Midnight Time of Day
5641 Monday Time of Day
559 Monday morning Time of Day
492 Morning Time of Day
687 Night Time of Day
5639 Nine o'clock a.m. Time of Day
4184 Nine o'clock p.m. Time of Day
747 Noon Time of Day
3870 One o'clock p.m. Time of Day
636 Pre-dawn Time of Day
5640 Saturday Time of Day
5636 Saturday evening Time of Day
5132 Saturday morning Time of Day
4415 Saturday night Time of Day
5145 Seven o'clock p.m. Time of Day
5675 Six o'clock p.m. Time of Day
5676 Six o'clock p.m. Time of Day
4808 Sunday Time of Day
2710 Sunday morning Time of Day
5191 Sunrise Time of Day
1220 Sunset Time of Day
706 Supper Time of Day
3472 Tea Time of Day
3310 Ten o'clock a.m. Time of Day
5148 Ten o'clock p.m. Time of Day
5194 Three o'clock a.m. Time of Day
500 Twilight Time of Day
5664 Two o'clock a.m. Time of Day
5638 Two o'clock p.m. Time of Day
3057 Wee hours Time of Day
Vocabulary: Themes and Motifs
Term ID Term Parentsort ascending Description
2880 Abrupt shift in time Time

For when a narrative makes an abrupt or unexpected shift in time - as in Benjy's narrative in S&F.

4950 And change Time
2749 Anticipation Time