Yale University, New Haven (Location Key)


Yale University is located in New Haven, Connecticut. While a number of prominent men in Faulkner's fictions attend Harvard, and others go to Princeton, Major Hoxey, in "Centaur in Brass," is the one Yoknapatawphan who goes to Yale. Monaghan, who first appears in Flags in the Dust, also went there before the First World War: in "Ad Astra" his immigrant father speaks sarcastically about his "fine friends, the fathers and mothers and sisters of them you met at Yale" (415). And while Gavin Stevens is one of Yoknapatawpha's Harvard men, in The Town he's willing to concede that "young" Mr. Stone, who practices law in Oxford, is a good attorney, "even if he did go to New Haven" (342). This is one of the points in the fictions where the distinction between Faulkner's world and the real one becomes porous: Phil Stone was a lifelong friend of Faulkner's who did go to Yale. Faulkner visited him there in 1918. (See also the entry for New London in this index.)

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Yale University, New Haven
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Yale University, New Haven