Worsham|Habersham, Father of Belle|Eunice

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Worsham|Habersham, Father of Belle|Eunice
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Worsham|Habersham, Father of Belle|Eunice
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This character's name reflects what is probably just be Faulkner's forgetfulness about recurring characters, though he may have had a reason for over-writing the Worshams with the Habershams between 1942 and 1948. In any case, the character named Belle Worsham in Go Down, Moses is the daughter of a man who left her a "decaying house" in Jefferson (260, 356); the same character is named Eunice Habersham in Intruder in the Dust, where the narrative points out that the house she lives in "had not been painted since her father died" (74). This father is never given a first name, but Intruder adds that the father of this father was Doctor Habersham, one of the original inhabitants of Jefferson.