Winterbottoms' Farm (Location Key)


The Frenchman's Bend farmer named Winterbottom appears in 3 texts. His farm is a location in 2 of these, though it is an example of how willing Faulkner is to move his un-real estate around. The first time the farm appears, in Light in August, it is on the road by which Lena Grove enters Yoknapatawpha after her four weeks' journey from Alabama. In that text the farm is still a good distance from Frenchman's Bend. But in The Hamlet, where it is mentioned as the place where Lump Snopes is getting his room and board, the farm is very close to Varner's store in the heart of the Bend (388). (There is no explicit connection between the Winterbottoms in Frenchman's Bend and the Winterbottoms in Jefferson, but see Mrs. Winterbottom's Boarding House in this index.)

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Winterbottoms' Farm
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Winterbottoms' Farm