Vynie Snopes

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Vynie Snopes
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Snopes, Vynie
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In "Vendee" and again in The Unvanquished the woman who opens the door of Ab Snopes' cabin to Bayard and Ringo is presumably his wife - at least, our database makes that presumption. She tries to throw them off the track by telling them that "Mr. Snopes" has gone to Alabama (101, 162). In The Hamlet Ab has two wives. This first one is named Vynie. As a character she is the same person as the 'Vynie' in the earlier short story "Fool about a Horse," who is the wife of a poor white farmer called "Pap." Vynie's story in The Hamlet is expanded to include the information that she originally came from Jefferson, and that after suffering Ab's foolishness as long as she can, she returns to her father, who threatens to kill Ab if he ever comes back for her. There were no children in this marriage.