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In the fictions as a whole there are essentially two kinds of eating places in Jefferson: the restaurants which can be found on the Square, and the diners which are located on 'side streets' at some distance from the Square. They seem to serve different classes of (white) people - the laws of Jim Crow apply to both. In "Death Drag" Captain Warren and Jock eat in Vernon's "cafe" (194). Warren calls it a "restaurant" (194), and as a 'captain' would be expected to eat in a higher class place. But Jock abruptly ducks into the "cafe," and we don't learn enough during the scene that takes place there to say with any certainty what kind of place it is. Vernon seems to be both the owner and the waiter. (See also the entries in the index for "Jefferson Restaurant" and "Jefferson Side-Street Restaurant.")

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Vernon's Cafe
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Vernon's Cafe

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