Unnamed Step-Father of Had-Two-Fathers

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Unnamed Step-Father of Had-Two-Fathers
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Unnamed Step-Father of Had-Two-Fathers
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In both the 1940 magazine version of "The Old People" and the revised version of it that Faulkner published in Go Down, Moses, the step-father of Had-Two-Fathers is "one of the slaves which [Doom] inherited" from Moketubbe (the story, 203). After impregnating a slave woman from New Orleans, Doom "pronounces a marriage" between her and "one of the slave men he has just inherited" upon becoming "The Man" (the novel, 158). But this man's place on the family tree is ambiguous. In the magazine version it seems more likely that this man is Sam Fathers' grandfather rather than his father, and that the character in the story with 'two fathers' is actually Sam's father. In the novel Faulkner clears up this ambiguity.