Unnamed Sister of Herman Basket

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Unnamed Sister of Herman Basket
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Unnamed Sister of Herman Basket
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The phrase the narrator of "A Courtship" uses to describe Herman Basket's sister - "she walks in beauty" - sounds faintly 'Indian' but is actually borrowed from Lord Byron (362). Or "sat in it, that is," he adds - which sounds pretty risque, though becomes less so when he adds that she doesn't walk at all "unless she had to" (362). Like Eula Varner in Faulkner's Snopes trilogy, she is lazy and slovenly but exercises an irresistible power over all the men who see her. While she is at the center of the story's courtship plot, she does not actually speak a single word in it. On the other hand, she makes a very powerful statement at the end of all the various courtships when she chooses Log-in-the-River.