Unnamed Negro Who Finds Gun

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Unnamed Negro Who Finds Gun
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Unnamed Negro Who Finds Gun
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In "The Hound" the clerk named Snopes tells Cotton that the man who found his shotgun in the slough where he tried to hide it was "a nigger squirl hunter" (159). When Faulkner re-tells this story in The Hamlet, Cotton is named Mink Snopes, the clerk is named Lump Snopes, and the Negro who "found that durn gun" is fishing instead of hunting - actually, he is "grabbling," in which you try to catch the fish under water with your bare hands (257). In this second version Lump also tells Mink that he is planning to "take a few of the boys" and punish the Negro violently for informing the sheriff about his discovery (258), though that part of the story is never told.