Unnamed Negro Congregation 1

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Unnamed Negro Congregation 1
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Unnamed Negro Congregation 1
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In The Sound and the Fury Dilsey, Frony, Luster, and Benjy walk to church past fellow churchgoers: "They emerged from the cabins and struggled up the shaling levee to the road - men in staid, hard brown or black, with gold watch chains and now and then a stick; young men in cheap violent blues or stripes and swaggering hats; women a little stiffly sibilant, and children in garments bought second hand of white people" (291). Many greet Dilsey personally and several children follow behind Benjy daring each other to "tech him" and calling him "a looney." This group gathers at the Negro Church in Jefferson on Easter Sunday, 1928: "Toward the church they thronged with slow sabbath deliberation, the women and children went on it, the men stopped outside and talked in quiet groups until the bell ceased ringing" (292). During the church service, the congregation is deeply moved by the sermon Reverend Shegog preaches, and at least several of them respond vocally.