Unnamed Negro Army Soldier 2

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Unnamed Negro Army Soldier 2
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Unnamed Negro Army Soldier 2
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In "By the People" and again in The Mansion this soldier, "a hulking giant of an Arkansas Negro cotton-field hand" in civilian life (134, 339), heroically rescues Devries and a sergeant by carrying them both away from enemy fire. Devries (unofficially) recognizes his heroism by pinning one of his own medals on the man. We can hear affection and admiration in Devries' voice when he addresses the man who saved him as "you big bastard"; the narrator's tone when he persists in calling this soldier a "field hand" is harder to interpret (134, 340). (The only significant difference between the two texts' accounts of this action is that it happens during the Korean War in the story, and somewhere during World War II in the novel.)