Unnamed Memphis Prostitute 1

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Unnamed Memphis Prostitute 1
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Unnamed Memphis Prostitute 1
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One of the two "ladies, girls" whom Lucius sees at supper in Miss Reba's in The Reivers (106). Lucius distinguishes them by their clothes - one wears "a red dress," and the other is "in pink" - and their age: one is a "girl" and the other is "no longer a girl" (106-07). This is "the older one," whom Lucius feels a kind of pity for: "There was something wrong about her . . . She was alone. . . . she shouldn't have had to be here, alone, to have to go through this" (107). Exactly what the 11-year-old Lucius means by "this" is not specified, but Mr. Binford has been verbally abusing both women. When she says she is leaving, Mr. Binford makes it clear that she has no place else to go.