Unnamed Members of Posse 1

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Unnamed Members of Posse 1
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Unnamed Members of Posse 1
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In his hunt for Joe Christmas across the Yoknapatawpha countryside in Light in August Sheriff Kennedy is joined by a large posse. There are "thirty or forty" white men waiting for the bloodhounds who arrive on the train the day after Joanna's body is discovered (296), and the narrative suggests this same group remains on the trail through the following week. Some of these men handle the dogs; or rather, at least two of these men are handled by the dogs, who drag them after false scents more than once, including the time the dogs pull "two men for fifty yards before they succeed in passing the leashes about a sapling" (330). At least some of these men are armed, as we learn when they draw "pistols" to surround and forcibly enter a cabin occupied by a black woman and her child (329). Only one is individuated in any way, when "a member of the posse" recognizes the shoes the woman is wearing as the ones Christmas had been wearing (329).