Unnamed Jurors 3

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Unnamed Jurors 3
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Unnamed Jurors 3
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The phrase "Grand Jury" suggests "something" "secret" and "of a hidden and unsleeping and omnipotent eye" to Percy Grimm's platoon of peace-keepers (456). In Light in August the "Grand Jury" that is empaneled to consider the charges against Joe Christmas does remain mysterious. The narrator, for example, says that "the Grand Jury . . . indicts" Christmas, which is the customary task of a Grand Jury (421), but the same narrator says that this Jury is meeting "to take the life of a man whom few of them had ever seen to know, for having taken the life of a woman whom even fewer of them had known to see" (416). Finding guilt and meting out punishment are customarily the tasks of a trial jury.

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