Unnamed Jews

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Unnamed Jews
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Unnamed Jews
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In The Mansion Chick Mallison and his uncle Gavin have a conversation about the man Linda Snopes married; although neither of them ever once explicitly uses the word 'Jewish' or gives Chick's anti-Antisemitism a name, Gavin's insistence that Chick pronounce Linda's husband's name "K-o-h-l" rather than "Cole" leads Chick to wonder why Barton Kohl didn't change his name. He adds "dont they, usually?" (122). This comment provokes Gavin to wonder where his nephew "found that" - i.e. acquired this prejudice about 'them' (123). Although Chick's "they" is a very insubstantial 'character' and Chick himself is "ashamed" of his attitude (123), it seems clear that "they" should be included in the fictions' cast of characters.

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