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Unnamed Jefferson Townspeople 5
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Unnamed Jefferson Townspeople 5
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Both "The Hound" and Book 3, Chapter Two, Section 2 of The Hamlet - where the story of "The Hound" is re-told as part of the Snopes saga - briefly describe the townspeople whom Cotton|Mink Snopes sees while being driven through Jefferson to jail as "children" at play who are wearing "small bright garments," and "men and women" heading home at suppertime "to plates of food and cups of coffee" (163, 285). The fact that the yards in this neighborhood are "big [and] shady" ("The Hound," 163) or "clipped and tended" (The Hamlet, 285) implies that these people are white and at least fairly well-to-do. As townspeople they are implicitly contrasted with two other groups in the story: the country people outside town and the black men inside the jail.