Unnamed Jefferson Ministers 2

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Unnamed Jefferson Ministers 2
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Unnamed Jefferson Ministers 2
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In The Town, along with the Episcopalian minister Mr. Thorndyke, these three "pastors" - identified as "the Methodist, the Baptist, the Presbyterian" - call on Gavin Stevens at the request of their congregations to offer Gavin their assistance with Eula's memorial service. Gavin calls them all "Doctor" (359), but in the distribution of names Charles' narration clearly distinguishes between the Episcopalian and the other three; Charles calls Thorndyke as "our" pastor - i.e. his family goes to the Episcopal church, throughout Faulkner's fictions the church where the upper class worships (358). But it's also fair to say that those other three Protestant denominations are usually associated in the fictions with the lower classes, and with a more conservative, not to say fundamentalist form of Christianity.

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